A safari Tour guide : When we plan for our safaris, we look forward to extraordinary experiences on the entire trip; we are excited about the adventure, exploring new places, learning new things, connecting with other communities and many other things. We get everything we presume we will need packed in our bags, we make a travel itinerary and a program of all we expect to do at this given safari then we jet off to our planned Uganda safari destination; expecting nothing less than a thrilling experience.

After arriving at our planned destination we are ready to get into the safari program and experience the much anticipated thrilling trip and it’s at this point that we connect with our tour guide.

Yes a tour guide because though you have everything planned out you need to achieve all you set out to do in this new place and safari. Needless to say, you may attempt to do it on your own but that means you will spend most of your time searching and figuring out things; which will chew up most of your safari time and be more costly.

A safari Tour guide
Tour Guide

So in a nutshell you need help, you need someone to with you one this trip who is well versed with the area and all other information you need to guide you in the safari so that you achieve that imagined and envisioned experience.

A Tour Guide is person whose main role is to support and offer assistance to a person on a safari as well as provide them with all relevant information they need for the entire safaris.

Tour guides are licensed by a country’s tourism governing body after they have been trained and gone through the necessary process to become a tour guide. These awesome humans are also people who are very passionate about safaris, tourism, culture, history etc. and people. They have vast knowledge about the safaris, country, culture and all other things you will need to know as you are on your safari plus they have lived most of their lives in theses localities, their understanding of the topography and geography of the areas is extremely good, they will get you where you want to be in time and your always assured to get a front row seat to the best sites, action and unique features while on Uganda Safaris.

Tour guides make it their mission to give you a wholesome experience on your trip which makes them one of the top components of a successful tour trip. They are dedicated to assisting you on the trip, giving you all the information you need, taking you to the places you desire, connecting you with the several people and things you want, helping you find numerous things on your trip, advising you on the different things you need for everyplace, navigating areas with you, taking you beyond the easily perceived places to unique unforgettable sites etc.; with a goal to make your trip not just memorable but life changing experience.

They are personable, knowledgeable with up to date information and have the ability to disseminate information articulately, clearly and simply. Good  tour guides are also good time managers, exhibit good leadership and management skills especially when dealing with groups  tour guide will manage time well, exhibit good leadership and management skills especially if leading a group, they are flexible with changes, they well tested and licensed drivers and able to facilitate conversations between you and the locals.

With a tour guide your rested you will get the full trilling experience of your trip because you cut out figuring out things on your own, getting lost, confusing times and places among other things; which things will waste your trip time and will be more costly unlike with a tour guide where you spend a reasonable amount and get wholesome help throughout the trip.

A safari Tour guide
A safari Tour guide

Tour guides can be private thus dedicated to you alone or corporate for a given group of people; depending on your preferences you can decide to have a private tour guide or join a group and have a corporate tour guide.

Most tour guides work with tour operators, so in most cases when you book with a tour operator you will definitely get a tour guide.

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