Accommodation Facilites Around Queen Elizabeth National Park :  Queen Elizabeth national park is the second largest national park in Uganda located in Kasese district in the Eastern region of the country and it covers a total surface area of about 1980 square kilometers. This national park was first known as Kazinga channel and later in 1954; it was named as Queen Elizabeth national park after the visit of the Queen of England. This national park lies at the back of Mountain Rwenzori which helps tourists to capture views of the beautiful crater lakes and see the Katwe explosion craters which are known to be the highest point of the park standing at an elevated area of about 1350 meters high and they are able to overlook at Lake Edward which stands at the lowest point of the park of about 910 meters.

Queen Elizabeth national is also considered as the most visited national park because it is a home to the unique climbing lions which are also commonly referred to as the cactus tree climbing lions and are considered to be the main tourist attraction within this park which leads many tourists to travel from all the parts of the world to come the species hence this contributes a lot to the development of the tourism industry of Uganda. however, apart from the tree climbing lions, this national park also harbours large numbers of wildlife species that tourists can see such as; buffalos, African elephants, leopards, pelicans, giraffes and it is also the best birding destination whereby tourists can easily spot bird species within the ishasha sector and some of these birds include; the rare shoebill stork and the blur turaco among others. more so, while tourists are exploring with in Queen Elizabeth national park, they always have great opportunities to engage in many interesting activities where they get to learn new experiences and create awesome memorable moments such as; game drives, bird watching which is best done within the ishasha sector, tracking tree climbing lions, chimpanzee trekking, boat cruise which are done on the Kazinga channel, cultural encounters, hiking and guided nature walks where they are always accompanied with the park guides, community visits , visiting the bat caves within The Maramagambo forest, wildlife viewing and many others, Accommodation Facilites Around Queen Elizabeth National Park

The best time to visit in Queen Elizabeth national park.

Tourists planning to go on a safari in Queen Elizabeth national park can always travel at any time of the year however, the dry season is considered to be the time for one to travel in order to have the best time of their Uganda safari with our in interruptions of the rain and the bad roads due to be muddy because of the rain.

Accommodation Facilites Around Queen Elizabeth National Park
Mweya safari lodge

Therefore, the best time is between months of June to September and then from December to February when there are less rains and the grass vegetation in the park is always short hence enabling tourists to capture classic views of all the interesting features in the park.

Accommodation facilities around Queen Elizabeth national park.

Tourists exploring with in Queen Elizabeth national park are always offered with comfortable and affordable lodging facilities that are always available for the guests however these accommodati0n facilities are ranged differently and put in classes such as; they range from budget, mid-range and luxury hence enabling tourists to choose where to stay according to where they prefer and where it matches with their budget. Therefore, these safari lodges include; Kyambura gorge lodge, elephant plains lodge, Mweya safari lodge, elephant plains lodge, Queen Elizabeth bush lodge, Ishasha jungle lodge, kisenyi safari camp, ishasha wilderness camp, Katara lodge, Queen Elizabeth park view lodge and many others.

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