Accommodation in Semuliki National park : Semuliki national park is located in Bundibugyo district in the western region of Uganda. This national park is well known among the smallest and newest national parks in the country because it covers a total surface area of about 220 square kilometers and stands at an elevation between 670-760 meters above the sea level. Semuliki national park was established as a national park in 1993 and it is managed by the Uganda wildlife Authority, a government agency whose role is to protect all the 10 national parks in the country. This park lies with the Albertine Rift and within the western part of East Africa and lies on Uganda’s Boarder with the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Semuliki national park is known to be a birders paradise because it is a home to over 441 bird species such as; Piping hornbill, Ross’s turaco, the white crested hornbill, the yellow throated Nicator, the great blue, the red-billed Dwarf hornbill. More so, this national park a recommended as the best place to go to for wildlife adventures because it harbours around 53 mammal species like; hippos, crocodiles, forest elephants, bush babies, monkeys, water bucks, leopards, buffaloes, warthogs, Uganda kob,  and primate species like; the white colobus monkeys, red tailed monkeys, and white colobus monkeys among others.

Semuliki national park has many tourists’ attracticons, which lead to large numbers of people to travel from all the parts of the world to visit hence this helps on developing the tourism industry of Uganda. some of these attractions include; Semuliki river which waters flow from the Rwenzori mountains to Lake Albert then pouring into River Nile which is famously known to the largest river in the whole world, different wildlife species that are spotted within the national park and Sempaya hot springs which are known to be the top and magnificent attraction in this national park and they are located at the edge of the great Ituri forest which shares boarders with the Democratic Republic of Congo and the unique part about these hot springs is that have both male and female hot springs.

Tourists visiting in Semuliki national park are always given opportunities to engage in several adventurous activities that help them to enjoy while creating remarkable memories as they gain new experiences through the adventures. Therefore, these activities include; Game drives where visitors can always to embark on morning or night game drives, Bird watching activities which are best done in places like; Sempaya and Ntandi where tourists are blessed with splendid classic views of forest birds, cultural encounters, guided nature walks through the Kirumia trail, hiking to the Sempaya hot springs, community visits among others.

Accommodation facilities in Semuliki National park.

Semuliki national park offers a variety of accommodation facilities that are always available for its guests. However, these accommodation facilities are ranged and put in different classes such as; mid-range, budget, and luxury. Therefore these lodging facilities include;

Semuliki safari lodge.

Semuliki safari lodge is recommended as one of the best lodges in Semuliki national park. This lodge is ranged as a luxury safari lodge, which is constructed and designed with African natural materials such as golden-hued tents designed with hardwood, raised wooden floors, canvas walls, thick thatched roofs.  Semuliki safari lodge has comfortable and luxurious rooms that contain en-suite bathrooms that have both hot and cold showers, flushing toilets, big clean extra hotels, charging points, free breakfast, 24 hour room service, ironing services and veranda where guests sit and relax as they capture beautiful views of the park.

Accommodation in Semuliki National park
Semuliki safari lodge

More so, this lodge offers its guests with facilities like; a restaurant which serves its guests with delicious dishes which are either international or local dishes and guests make their orders depending on what they want, swimming pool where guests go swim to cool off the hot and long day, a well-stocked bar where guests go to chill and take some drinks. Visitors staying at Semuliki safari lodge can also engage in activities like; bird watching in their free time.

Uwa Bandas and cottages.

Uwa Bandas and cottages are just 2.5 kilometers from Sempaya tourism centre. Visitors staying at lodge always have a peaceful stay whereby they are always served with delicious meals from the restaurant, which are always prepared on order, and they give chances who would like to hire the catering equipment for those have their interest in doing self-catering during their stay. More so, there is a small mini bar available where guests can go to, chill as they have a number of drinks. Guests staying at the UWA bandas also have great chances to sight see a variety of mammal species like; forest elephants, baboons, bird species and primate species like; vervet monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, red-tailed moneys and many others.

Hotel Vanilla.

Hotel Vanilla is among the lodges, which are situated near the park, and therefore, Hotel Vanilla is located in Budibugyo town and ranged as a budget accommodation facility. This lodge has seven clean rooms that are always available for the guests. These rooms are self-contained with a clean bathroom that has both cold and warm showers, comfortable beds and offers guests with facilities like; local restaurants which serve guests with both local and international delicious meals, well stocked bar which has all kinds of drinks such as; soft drinks, beers, liquors, spirits among others. more so, visitors at this lodge have chances of over looking at several bird species, mammal species and primate species like; white and black colobus monkeys and many others.

Apart from the mentioned above, there are more safari lodges within and close to Semuliki national park where tourists can stay such as; Nyati Game lodge, Semuliki river camp, Ntoroko game lodge, picfare guesthouse, Mountains of the moon, Kirumia guest house, Rwenzori view guesthouse and many others.

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