Activities to do at Four-Gorilla Safari Lodge : Four-gorilla safari lodge is one of the luxurious accommodation facilities that are found in Bwindi Impenetrable national park within Rushaga sector. In addition, this safari lodge can be accessed whereby tourists can opt to use road transport means and drive from Kampala via Masaka then Mbarara, which will lead you to kabale. As you are in kabale, you can proceed through Kisoro highway up to Muko town where you will head to the right side immediately after the Muko police post. And during this road there happens to be many signposts of other lodges including that of four gorilla safari lodge then proceed to the bridge which takes you about 300 meters to see the signpost of four gorilla lodge where you will take your last turn. More so, from this signpost, it takes about 1 kilometer to be able to access the lodge and roughly, the whole of this road trip takes about approximately around 8 to 9 hours from Kampala to the safari lodge.

Alternatively, for tourists who wish to skip the long trips can opt to book their flights from Entebbe International airport to Kisoro airstrip and for those who are coming from Rwanda can book their flights from Kigali international airport and then be able to connect on the road to Rushaga sector where they go through cyanika border in Kisoro which will take you about 5 to 6 hours to be able to reach at four gorilla safari lodge.

About Four Gorilla safari lodge.

Four Gorilla safari lodge is located within the Southern part of the national park and it is ranged as a luxury safari lodge which is  contains around 8  ensuite cottages which are categorized differently whereby some of them are; single rooms, double, twin, triple and family cottages which gives the visitors to choose where they would prefer to stay. In addition, these cottages are well designed and constructed using natural materials such as stone and grass thatched roofs with raised wooden floors, which match with the surrounding environment. These rooms contain king size beds, mosquito nets, wardrobes where guests keep their clothes arranged, sofas where to sit and relax, en-suite bathrooms which have both cold and warm showers, flashing toilets which are accompanied with free toiletries, drinking water in case guests get thirsty during the night, a private balcony where they sit and relax as they capture beautiful views of the forest and listen to the beautiful melodies of the singing birds.  More so, for tourists who would love to have their stay at four-gorilla safari lodge should be able to note that the rooms at this lodge cost 300 USD and above per night and it is noticed that the prices tend to increase more especially during the peak season compared to the low season.

Four gorilla safari lodge also offers its guests with many facilities and services  which  helps guests enjoy their stay and some of these include; a good restaurant which has an experienced chef and well trained waiters who serve guests with delicious meals which are both local and international and some of these meals like; breakfast are usually served within the rooms or gardens and the lunch and dinner are served in either a three or four course meal, a well-stocked bar which has many different kinds of drinks like; liquor, spirits, wines, and other more soft drinks like water and cocktails and juice. More so, it offers services such as; free WI-FI which is always available and it helps guests to maintain clear communications with their people back at home, laundry and ironing services, free parking for individuals who come through while driving their own cars, a 24 hour room service which helps individuals to be attended to at any time they are in need of services, a 24 tight security which shows that they empathizes the safety of their guests, a craft shop where guests shop several African gifts in order to take for their people back at home such as; clothes, necklaces, shoes, and many others.  More so, there is a terrace where guests can sit to chill and relax as they sip a glass of wine or cocktail as capture beautiful views of the canopy forest.

Activities to do from Four Gorilla safari lodge.  

Gorilla trekking.

Gorilla trekking is one of the major activities that is commonly done by many people due to the fact that this safari lodge is situated within Bwindi Impenetrable national park which is famously known to be one of the best destinations in the country where one can go for trekking due to the fact that it is a home to over 400 endangered mountain gorilla and around 19 habituated gorilla species which are always available to be trekked. However, before the trekking tourists always gather at the briefing centre where they first go through a registration process and also get briefed about the rules and regulations that they are supposed to follow during the trekking such as; tourists are advised to lower the tones of their voices while near or within the park, they are encouraged to avoid maintaining direct eye contact with the mountain gorillas, avoid eating and drinking while in the presence of the species and to keep a distance of about 7 meters while in the presence of the mountain gorillas among others.

Activities to do at Four-Gorilla Safari Lodge
Mountain Gorilla

for guests who are interested to embark into the gorilla trekking activities should purchase their gorilla trekking permits which are charged at a cost of about 700 USD per person and also they are encouraged to pack some things like; good hiking boots, a light rain coat, sun cream, packed food, a binocular, cameras and phones which they use to record videos and take pictures to show their people back at home,  bottled drinking water in order to keep hydrated, hat/cap, long sleeved shirts and trousers due to the fact the trails they use tend to be bushy and many others.

And there are so many other activities that tourists can so such as; bird watching due to the fact that Bwindi impenetrable national park is known to be a home to over 350 bird species such as; Black billed turaco, black beef eater, regal sunbird and many others, hiking, mountain biking, wildlife viewing, visiting lake Mutanda, guided nature walks, Batwa cultural experience and many others.

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