The Amazing Sempaya Hot Springs In Semuliki

The Sempaya Hot springs are found in Semuliki National park in western Uganda. These amazing springs have high temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius. The force, strength and hotness of this springs show the strength of the geographical forces underground. The Semuliki national park where these springs are found was gazetted in 1993.

The hot springs at Sempaya

The hot springs can be found or seen in two places, The locals refer to one as being female and the other being male. The trek to see these hot springs can lead you to see other forest wonders like the mangabey monkeys, the red tailed monkey, the black and while colobus monkey and lost of other things like the vegetation diversity. There is a tree house in this park that can give you an aerial view of this place.

The female Sempaya hot spring as many refer to it is 30 minutes from the male and is so hot to the extent that hungry hikers can boil bananas and eggs on an instance in these blistering springs.

Geographically hot springs are founded by geothermal heat that boils the underground water in the earth’s crust or it can be explained that these geothermal processes force the water  to move through the hot rock then onto the earth’s surface.

Semuliki national park is also home to Semuliki river which is a tributary to River Congo. The forest also houses the Batwa community. These are endangered group of people and their life style is so interesting that you ought to experience on you Uganda safari.

For birdwatchers this is a haven for you. Its the ideal spot for any birding safari in Uganda. One of the special bird here is the dwarf hornbill, blue kingfisher and the yellow throated nicator.

Due to the bird migrations, Semuliki national park will give you a test of central Africa birding in Uganda. You can do a boat cruise on Lake Albert and the experience here is breathtaking. Semuliki is part of the Ituri forest of DRC and is a lowland jungle.

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