Amoropii hotsprings In Northern Uganda

Amoropii hotsprings is found in Northern Uganda and is located about three kilometers from Panyimur fishing village of Nebbi District on the western shores of Lake Albert.

It is believed by locals to have divine powers and performs miracles and therefore it is worshipped by local people. The local people believe that the gods of Amoropii reside in the hot spring.  Barren women, people with different ailments including those who want to bleach their skin bathe in this hot spring. Sacrifices of animals are made regularly by the locals to appease the gods of Amoropii.  Superstition has it that to visit the hot spring one requires clearance from the Prime Minister of the Panyimur Chiefdom to avoid getting misfortune.

The hot spring consists of a stream whose water gets heated when it flows through a pool on its way into the bushes away from a swamp. The crate like pool containing very hot water measures about two metres in diameter.


  • Before visiting these hot springs, one must first get blessings from the Prime Minister Nyipir Onen.
  • Women who have ever given birth become barren if they bathes in the hot water without clearance.
  • To be cured of ailments caused by the gods of Amoropii one has to go through the Prime Minister of the Panyamur Chiefdom.  It is important to note that one gets cured if the gods of Amoropii are responsible for the cause.
  • amorapii hotsprings


Water from hot springs contain certain minerals that work as medicine to locals. Such include sodium chloride, lithium sulphate, potassium chloride, calcium sulphate, magnesium chloride and calcium phosphate. The locals used to claim its the gods that heal them through such springs not knowing these minerals are key in treating various forms of illnesses effectively. The ones that boil their Bushera porridge from here hardly fall sick.

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