The Ankole Nkokonjeru Royal Tombs

The Ankole Nkokonjeru Royal Tombs :Nkokonjeru tombs of Ankore kingdom; Just like any other monarchy and in African culture, Nkore kingdom has got a number or designated areas as grave yards. This is one of the most crucial attractions in the Ankole kingdom. Nkokonjeru tombs are found in Kakiika division, Mbarara District, The tombs are resting places of the (Bagabe) Kings of Ankore kingdom; one, Omugabe Edward Solomon Kahaya II, who was buried in 1944, and another, Omugabe Sir Charles Godfrey Rutahaba Gasyonga II who was burried in 1982 marking the end of his 23 years on the throne. There are also about 8 graves of minors outside the house that is a resting place for the fallen kings of Ankore kingdom

There is a modern house structure on this tomb. These tombs are of great significance to the Ankole kingdom but be cause the kingdom has some of the institutions not working, the land had been grabbed by a few people. . This is may be due to the fact that the Ankole Kingdom was not reinstated when kingdoms where brought back by president Museveni after they had been abolished by Obote.

The tombs paint a picture of a place that has been long neglected and abandoned and what can be seen are several marked plots of vacant land next to to the graves of the Kingdom royals and a small percentage of residents nearing the graveyard. The locals of this area claim that the tombs are no more as all the land has been grabbed by the locals.

There is worry that this cultural site may be no more in the future if the Ankore kingdom officials do not come up and save it.

It is important to note that such sites are very important in the kingdom and a number of cultural rites and activities are performed in such areas.

The Ankole kingdom has lost most of its Cultural centers due to lack of running institutions. This tribe is where the president of Uganda and most of the educated people around Uganda Come from. Why not come check out this interesting background!

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