Apoka Safari lodge is located at the centre of the heart in Kidepo National Park and the lodge is ranged as a luxury accommodation facility and it has 10 expensive rooms which contain large sitting rooms, big and comfortable beds, hand- woven woolen carpets, stylish dressing robes, a private outdoor tub, private balcony, big clean towels, private verandas and all this is with effort to make the visitors at the hotel comfortable and enjoy their stay.

Apoka lodge being a luxury accommodation facility it offers its guests with other more amenities which include the following; free breakfast in the morning, free internet, free parking,  laundry and ironing services,  a well- stocked bar and lounge, outdoor infinity swimming pool, gift shop where visitors buy stuff to even take for their loved ones back at home, a restaurant, a pool with a view of the landscape and the wildlife surrounding, more so, smoking is not allowed at the hotel making it a better place to stay for the people who don’t smoke.

Apoka Safari lodge
Apoka Safari lodge

Apoka lodge is a beautiful place for Uganda bird watching activities because it is found in Kidepo National Park. Kidepo national park is seen as a best destination for bird lovers since it even known as the only place where one can get a chance to look at the Ostrich birds and it is a home of over 480 bird species. The Park gives a stunning and dazzling view of savannah grasslands in the park and get to see a variety number of wild animals such as; lions,  buffaloes, African Savannah elephants, bushbucks, Rothschild’s giraffe, Burchell’s Zebra and many more.

Apoka lodge is located at the edge of the Narus River Valley whose water attracts large herds of animal species to it for example; elephants, Zebras, giraffes, Jackson’s hartebeests, and buffaloes.

How to Get to Apoka Safari lodge.

Tourists planning to have their stay at Apoka safari lodge which is located in Kidepo National park can travel to their by either use of road or air transport

Road Transport.

Visitors using road transport can opt to take a drive from Kampala city to the national park, which is a journey of about 9 hours, but the most common used route to Apoka Safari lodge is through Mbale.

Air Transport.

Visitors can also access the lodge by use of air transport for those who do not want to take the long drive or happen to be with a tight schedule, these means suite them and make things better. They can opt to take domestic flights from Entebbe International Airport to reach the Apoka lodge in the park and this flight will only take about 2-3 hours.

How much does it cost to spend a night at Apoka Safari lodge?    

For visitors staying at Apoka lodge, to get everything they want and spend an astonishing night to remember they are required to pay USD 700 dollars per person for a night. The hotel offers its guests with the best services, which is always a great experience for the visitors as their visit becomes worth doing again so that they get to come back to the lodge.

In Kidepo Valley National Park, there are number of activities that guests staying at Apoka Lodge can engage during their free time and these activities include;

Bird Watching.

Being that Apoka safari lodge is located in Kidepo valley National Park, which happens to harbours over 480 bird species, visitors who are bird lovers  will get a chance to see a plenty of birds like; Ostriches, Emin’s Shrike, Lesser Kestrel, African –Pied hornbills, Fox’s Weaver, Golden pipit and Black-Winged among others.

Game Drives.

In Kidepo Valley National Park, they offer both day and night game drives depending to the visitors depending on what each individual prefers. Day game drives are charged at a fee of 30 USD while night game drives cost 40 USD.  During these game drives, visitors are always accompanied with  well trained and experienced park guides and they always get to explore and see numerous wildlife animals such as ; giraffes, buffaloes, lions, ostriches, zebras, waterbucks and among others.

Apoka Safari lodge
Kidepo Game drives

Community and Cultural Encounters.

Visitors staying at Apoka Safari Lodge can decide to visit that neighboring community such as Karamojong where they get to interact with the local people in the communities, learn about their cultural activities, watch and enjoy their cultural dance performances, listen to their music, listen to their language.

There are other activities that visit can engage themselves in during their stay at Apoka Safari Lodge and these activities include; hiking to Lomej Mountains, swimming, Nature walks, visit to Ik people.

Check-in and Checkout time Apoka Safari lodge.

At Apoka safari lodge, visitors check in time at the lodge begins at 2:00pm and the checkout time is until 12:00pm.

Best time to go to Apoka Safari Lodge in Kidepo Valley National Park.

Visitors planning to go to Apoka Safari lodge which is kidepo valley national park. The best time to should be around the dry season in the months of July- August and December to February when there is less rain that help gusts explore in several Uganda Safari activities in the park as they get a memorable moment of their stay at Apoka safari lodge.

Therefore, get in touch with us for any inquires and book with us in case you have an interest of staying in Apoka Safari Lodge in Kidepo Valley National Park.

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