Areas of curiosity in the pearl of Africa :  As Uganda the pearl of Africa is in the preparations of celebrating its independence on the 9th of October 2022, come and be filled by glimpse of Uganda’s unbeatable tourist attractions that have continuously positioned Uganda as the tourist destination within East Africa and around the world. Realize and discover Uganda’s big 5 game, rare mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, mountains of the moon, amazing volcanic mountains, stunning sceneries, and hospital people in Africa.  As the pearl of Africa jubilates its 60 years of independence celebrate with it as you explore some of the most curious areas in it with Uganda safari.

Is all primate trekking the same in Uganda

Areas of curiosity in the pearl of Africa.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

If you have ever thought of gorilla adventures in the world, Uganda the perfect tourist destinations to reward you astonishing mountain experiences in a life time. Imagine there are less than 900 mountain gorillas in the world and only 3 countries are to be visited in East Africa (Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo) to achieve your dreams. Discover over 480 species of world’s mountain gorillas that live in Uganda within only 2 tourist destinations-Bwindi Impenetrable National Park with over 400 gorillas and the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park with 80 species of the Giant Apes. Today, mountain gorilla adventure is one of the inspiring experiences that has continued to attract tourists and positioned Uganda as off of the beaten tourist destination.

Areas of curiosity in the pearl of Africa
Gorilla trekking in Bwindi

The Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

It is one of the smallest national parks but rewards the endeavors put to travel to south-western Uganda with over 80 mountain gorillas that make up 1 habituated gorilla group for tourists. Not just to enjoy the mountain gorillas a lone but also to encounter the rare golden monkey and forest birds. As well, you can explore 3 of the Virunga Volcanoes locally called “the Mufumbiro” during the 1 day hike (5-8 hours). Also never forget to encounter one of the experiential cultural practices during the Batwa Trail as you discover the ancient life style of unique pygmies in the jungle and relax with a thrill of traditional dances and several performances in the community.

Kibale Forest National Park

Delightfully it stands as capital of primates in East Africa, with over 5000 chimpanzees in the world, Kibale National Park is a home to over 1500 chimpanzees and several forest primates, birds-the green breasted pitta, mammals, butterflies, plants, tree species and others. The tropical rain forest national park is the perfect tourist destination to enjoy chimpanzee tracking in East Africa together with over 13 primate species or engage in an all-day Chimpanzee Habituation Experience (CHEX) but not to forget birding, hiking and nocturnal forest walks.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Incredibly, this is one of the best and frequently visited destinations. In most cases you can combine the gorilla adventures with wildlife safaris at Queen Elizabeth National Park. It is lovely being here to spark the senses with astonishing big game experiences notably the unique tree climbing lions at Ishasha sector, Boat cruise at the Kazinga channel for intense water and land wildlife species-like birds. If you have ever heard about an oasis of wildlife species in Africa then never miss to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park for large schools of hippopotami as they cool themselves in the water or sight at the leopards, buffaloes, African elephants, antelopes during game drive or track chimpanzees at “lost valley” (the Kyambura Gorge) and then explore the scenic Katwe explosion craters.

Kidepo National Park

Looking for authentic African wilderness? Visit KVNP the remotest destinations with no crowds which was recorded as the 3rd best national park in Africa by CNN something that has positioned the isolated destination on the North East for tourists to uncover the hidden treasures of Africa. Inspire the nerves with remarkable sceneries, diverse biodiversity like buffaloes that form the largest herds in Africa.

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park is the ancient largest conservation area that is situated in North Western, Uganda. The park is remarkable with not just diverse biodiversity but ideal location across the River Nile where you can find the world’s powerful waterfall-Murchison falls. It is incredible encountering the rare Rothschild giraffes, African elephants, buffaloes, antelope families, serene of savanna vegetation with borassus palm trees that are rarely seen in any of the East African national parks. It is such a delightful safari glancing at the vast biodiversity that exists in the park especially for incredible birds like the shoe bill stork, countless crocodiles; several cat families like lions, leopards and others.

Lake Mburo National Park

Game safaris are now possible in Lake Mburo National Park as soon as you land in Kampala. Many tourists have always made a stopover at this destination while traveling for the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or while returning to Kampala. If you are planning for any trip in Uganda, Lake Mburo should not be missed to visit since you have only 2 destinations to sight the burchell, zebras, elands, Rothschild giraffes as well as leopards, lions and buffaloes

The River Nile

Have you heard about the 7 wonders of Africa? Be an explorer at the source of the Nile-Jinja because several Rivers exist in the world, but the ancient River Nile stands as amazing tourist attraction not to be missed to visit while in the pearl of Africa. Talk about the most experiential adventures in a life time then pay a visit at the source of the Nile for Adrenaline pumping adventures, Boat cruise on Lake Victoria, the second largest fresh water body that Uganda largely takes the biggest portion compared its counter parts (Kenya and Tanzania)

Lake Bunyonyi

This is an incredible destination for lake little birds and a stunning place to swim with no worries about hippopotami and crocodiles or Bilharzias. It is amazing chilling out here during boating, hiking or canoeing in South Western, Uganda the lovely place to find over 29 Islands dotted within the lake with intense serene of hills , Areas of curiosity in the pearl of Africa

The Ssese Islands

It is really amazing being here for romantic chill out full of freshening cool environment in these incredible Islands that are wide spread on Lake Victoria. Notably, it is place full of over 84 tropical Islands to relax in honey mood as the sun sets down or chill out in the amazing isolated forests within the Islands. What an interesting experience visiting the Bulago Island well-endowed with pineapple Bay Resort, South of the Equator!

Areas of curiosity in the pearl of Africa
ssesse Island

The Forests

While in your safari at Murchison falls national park, never miss to stop over Budongo forest for fascinating forest birds, chimpanzee tracking and Chimpanzee Habituation Experience (CHEX). Internationally, Budongo forest is a famous destination for bird lovers especially the endemic birds, and still you can do nature walks as you explore the Catholic Church that was established by the polish refugees during world war 11.

The People and Culture

Uganda is a boiling pot of several cultures and customs in Africa with over 65 different tribal ethnic groups and languages being spoken here. It is rewarding visiting the pearl of Africa for authentic cultural experiences in Africa with the Karamojong people during safari to North Eastern Uganda (Kidepo valley national park). Discover the Karamojong-the famous nomads’ dances, Manyattas and ancient life style of Karamojong during only in the Manyattas village. Probably, discover why these pastoralists are resistant to modern life! In addition, visit the Ik people-the endemic species of human beings who are not more than 10000 people and the most isolated tribe in the country who decided to spend their lives on Mount Morungole, Areas of curiosity in the pearl of Africa

As Uganda celebrates her 60 years of freedom join in for the a safari in Uganda and get to know why it was declared the pearl of Africa Uganda is a graceful country full of peace and welcoming people everywhere there are lots of fun activities to be done and all are for you to try out..” for God and my country “book in with Uganda safaris Tours and know deep about the motto too.

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