Attractions to visit for free in Kampala : Kampala is the capital city of Uganda and is also the largest urban center in the country which is located in the central region.

The city of Kampala is also known for its 7 original hills which include Kibuli hill, Nakasero hill, Old Kampala hill, Makerere hill, Rubaga hill, Mengo hill, Kololo hill and Mulago hill. Some of the attractions to visit for free during tours around Kampala include the following;

  1. Rubaga cathedral

Rubaga cathedral is among the religious sites to visit during tours around Kampala city and it is a catholic church which is located on the Rubaga hill.

The cathedral has unique architecture and is also referred to as Saint Mary’s cathedral. Rubaga cathedral is also the oldest Roman catholic church in Uganda. The church was constructed by missionaries and consecrated in 1925.

The first native African bishop who was called Archbishop Joseph Kiwanuka was laid to rest inside the cathedral.

  1. Namirembe cathedral

Another place of worship to visit in Kampala is the Namirembe cathedral which is the Anglican church of Uganda.

Namirembe cathedral is located on Namirembe hill a few kilometers from the Kampala city centre. The cathedral was also constructed during the colonial era in Uganda by the British missionaries and was completed in 1919.

The cathedral is also referred to as Saint Paul’s cathedral and is also known for its beautiful architecture and for also being one of the biggest cathedrals in the country.

  1. Art galleries and craft shops

Tourists can also visit the different art galleries and craft shops around Kampala for free and appreciate the local talent.

During visits to the craft shops, tourists can purchase local crafts like sculptures, jewelry, paintings, clothing, shoes among other items at an affordable rate. There are also different art galleries around Kampala which display the beautiful art of Uganda.

To appreciate more of the art in Uganda, tourists can also visit the national theater and get to experience more of the culture of Uganda.

  1. Old taxi park and New taxi park

The old taxi park and new taxi park are the hubs for public transportation found in the middle of the Kampala city center.

There are taxis to different parts of Kampala and the outskirts which can be got from the Old taxi park and New taxi park. These places are usually crowded with many locals but provide a worthwhile experience.

There are also different viewpoints around the old taxi park and New taxi park where tourists can enjoy taking pictures of the local taxis and also capture the busy city life of Kampala. Different traders also move around the parks selling different items.

Kampala also has other bus terminals which provide transportation to other parts of Uganda. Another form of transport used around the city is boda bodas which are bikes that are used to get from one destination to another in the city.

  1. Independence monument

The Independence monument is also located in the city center and is among the landmarks found in Kampala city which can be visited for free.

This monument also appears on the currency of Uganda and is a symbol of independence of Uganda which is commemorated on 9th October every year. It can be seen along the Speke road and it can be described by the image of a man lifting a child to the sky symbolic of the freedom of the country from colonial rule.

Attractions to visit for free in Kampala
Independence monument
  1. Malls

For tourists that love to shop, there are also different malls around Kampala city which can be visited for free during a day tour.

Some of the malls around Kampala include Acacia mall where tourist can buy clothing and other items, have meals at the restaurants, go to the cinema, do transactions at the banks or ATMs and also enjoy views of the city from the rooftop. Other malls to visit include Victoria mall, Oasis malls, Lugogo mall, Forest mall, Garden city shopping mall among others.

  1. Local markets

There are also different markets found around Kampala city which can be visited during tours around the city.

Some f the local markets in the city include Nakasero market and Owino market which sell different items including foodstuff, clothing among others. At the Owino market which is also referred to as the St Balikuddembe market, tourists can purchase items at a very affordable price.

For fresh food items including fresh fruits and vegetables, the Nakasero market is the place to go to and the prices are also affordable.

  1. Baha’i temple

The Baha’i temple is another religious site to visit in Kampala for free and it is located in the outskirts of the city on Kikaaya hill.

The gardens around the temple create a relaxing environment and the Bahai temple is also the only place of worship for the Bahai faith in Uganda and in Africa. From the hill where the temple is found, tourists can enjoy views of Kampala city.

  1. Uganda martyrs shrine

The Uganda martyrs shrine is another place to visit for free during a tour in Kampala and it is located in Namugongo.

The shrine is among the most visited religious sites in Uganda and is a place where pilgrims from different parts of the world gather to remember the Uganda martyrs who were killed by Kabaka Mwanga because of their faith.

Every 3rd June, pilgrims gather at Namugongo martyrs shrine to remember the 32 martyrs who were killed.

  1. Night clubs

Tourists can also end their tour in Uganda with a taste of the night life in Kampala city by partying at one of the night clubs in the city to experience the local music, try out the food and also experience the talent of Uganda.

Apart from the above places to visit for free around Kampala city, tourists are charged a small fee to go to the Kasubi tombs, Kabaka’s palace, the Gadhafi mosque or the Old Kampala mosque, the Uganda museum among other places.

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