Precautions , what to avoid on  safari

Precautions, Arguing with customs officials, money changers and any other officials. This may spoil your mood yet it’s not even necessary. Stick to the core.

What to Avoid on a Safari

Avoid becoming dehydrated. Drink filtered/bottled water wherever and whenever possible

Photographing anything related to military, police government (banks, post office, boarder posts, bridges, railway stations)

Avoid missing a single game drive, walk, excursion into the wild. The day you decide to sleep is the day your group may find that elusive bird you have been dying to see. Like anything else in life, the more you put in, the more you are likely to get out. Keep your cameras and binoculars ready at all times.

Avoid stepping out of your tent or lodge at night without either a good touch, a guard or at the very least- good walkway lighting. If you bump into something-don’t panic! Try to remember that whatever is there is most likely to be scared of you than you are of it. If it hasn’t seen you, back off and return to your room slowly. If it has seen you and it hasn’t run to the bushes, don’t scream run to the bar or any direction or stand still and walk back slowly until you put some distance between you.

Precautions , what to avoid on  safari

Avoid rushing from one sighting to the next. Take time to survey and interact with each animal. If you spend that extra time at the sighting, I guarantee that something extra will happen to reward you for sticking around.

Avoid picking up or collecting something you may come across on a safari for example skulls, horns, bird’s eggs, and the like. This is strictly against the rules in most national parks.

Avoid the temptation to feed animals. Do not ever feed any animal while on safari. Even the animals that appear friendly like the birds that appear when you open your sandwiches for lunch, this over dependence on humans will in the long run provoke attacks in a means to understand why the next visitor hasn’t shared his meal with them.

Avoid taking endless photographs of the locals. Not all African cultures are acceptable of having their photographs taken. Be sensitive! However many will gladly pose if you ask them. It’s always advised to always first strike a conversation with them before you can ask for their pictures. For those with digital cameras, show them the photos after taking them, most people enjoy this.

Lastly avoid buying goods made out of endangered resources like ivory coral or skins.

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