Best Places to do Sport Fishing in Uganda  : Sport fishing is one of the games that most tourists are highly interested in and these games are some of the major reasons why Uganda is considered most when it comes to tourists love for the country,

Being blessed with several water sources and different falls Uganda is also the heart of the source of the Nile situated on Lake Victoria flowing up to jinja. This activity gives a chance to catch the different fish species that can be found in Uganda and these include the Till, Nile perch, catfish, Tiger fish and many more other species.

Uganda safaris have more than just gorilla trekking, and other well-known activities but just know even the game will electrify the fun moments in the trip just a try of it will give you the best moment in life.

The perfect time to catch fish is in the morning and evening hours. Unselective fishing is glowered upon as is using old-fashioned gear. One has to go for only mature fish.

Some of the major places for sport fishing include:

  1. Murchison Falls National park

This is positioned north West of Kampala around 6 hours’ drive. Fishing in this area can be done all year round but it is said to be at peak during the drier seasons of December to March and June to October. Sport Fishing is done on the banks of the River Nile as it passes through Murchison Falls National Park.

Sport fishing is mostly done at the banks of the falls near Paraa safari lodge and at Karuma falls next to Chobe Safari Lodge. To access these areas, you can use the boats or hike down the sides of the fall to reach the rocks beneath these falls.

Best Places to do Sport Fishing in Uganda
Sport Fishing in Murchison

At Murchison, you can fish using casting lures, live bait, hooks, and spinning. You will be required to have a sport fishing permit sold at 50 USD per day.

The fishing equipment is provided at the site where you can use any fixed spool or multiplier with 30 to 35-pound line. With a local guide to take you through the fishing process, you can turn this into quite an adventure by holding some little competition with your partners.

  1. Lake Victoria.

Lake Victoria is the biggest water body in Africa and is shared by three of the East African Countries. In Uganda, sport fishing can be done in Jinja – only 2 hour’s drive from Kampala (Uganda’s capital). Better chances at catching Tilapia of 1 to 2 kgs by just using fly fishing methods.

On Lake Victoria, there are two fishing tour shifts, 9 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 5 pm. The sun at this point is directly over-head and therefore you are advised to hire a boat with a sun shed, as well as carry some sunscreen, Best Places to do Sport Fishing in Uganda .

Because of the size of the lake, there is no specific area for fishing.  The spot of choice basically depends on the weather conditions and your tour guide. You will be using speed boats 18 to 30 feet – that can hold up to 4 people.

For smaller parties of 2 to 3 people, you can use the fiberglass 24 foot long canoes powered by an outboard engine.

On the fishing boats, you get to carry with you rain jackets, life jackets, first aid box, mobile phones, flares, fire extinguisher, Cooler with cold drinks and sometimes GPS tracker.

  1. Lake Mburo National Park

At Maziga you will have the opportunity to do some sport fishing when on tour at Lake Mburo National Park. After getting a permit from the Uganda Wildlife Authority (with the help of your tour guide), you can enjoy this sport at Maziga.

You are encouraged to carry your own fishing equipment. With the option of over five fish species to catch, however, the most common fish is the tilapia.

  1. Ssese islands

Off for some privacy and seclusion, Ssese Island  is just about 51 kilometers from Entebbe and comprises of more than 80 beautiful islands with white beach sands and freshwaters.

On top of the several fun and adventurous activities like bird watching, forest exploration, biking, boat cruises, you can do some sport fishing as well. On these shores, you can catch Tilapia, Lungfish or Nile perch. Fishing is the biggest economic activity in this area and most people come all this way to trade in the largest town of Kalangala.

  1. Sipi Falls

At the slopes of Mountain Elgon lie the most beautiful triple waterfalls in Uganda. Permits in this particular area can be secured from Sipi River Lodge and like Lake Mburo; you will have to carry your own fishing gear.

To fish at the banks of the falls, you can use fish hooks, bobbers, needle nose pliers, sinkers, fishing rods, fish bait, and fishing ledgers among others. Most common is the rainbow trout fish a vibrant and colorful fish that is hard to catch, Best Places to do Sport Fishing in Uganda .

The biggest trout can weigh up to 3 kilograms. You will be guided by a local tour guide on the best ways to catch the rainbow trout and the best spots for this activity.

Best Places to do Sport Fishing in Uganda
Sport Fishing at Sipi

tourism is a very big sector that involves a lot of different things that can simply not easily be defined and tourism sport fishing is one of the basic that can be used in this matter, nevertheless there are also so many activities that can get involved on a Uganda safari On holiday, sport fishing is one good way of spending time. The silence of the waters is why people love fishing as a hobby. The quiet and serenity is great for stimulating one’s mind and brings muse. If you are on safari with family or friends, you can make some healthy rivalry of fastenings the biggest or most beautiful fish. It is all up to you.

these activities can be arranged by a well trusted safari company and they can be done in all the mentioned areas just to give you a great thrilling holiday with a moment in action, one should not forget to get  photograph of the venture because as head back home it will a season to tell.

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