Best time for a boat ride in Uganda : Though boat rides are not as popular as the wildlife or animal safaris they are facets of a safari that complement the Uganda safari Tour  and all the other safari activities. Most boat rides are done after strenuous safari activities to cool down and just enjoy the water and the wild without much activity. Which is absolutely great.

So on a safari or in Uganda, when is the best time to have a boat ride.

There’s no perfect answer to this question, because realistically speaking anytime for a good for a boat ride for as long as you are okay with it.

In terms of weather, definitely dry seasons may the lake or water body experience more refreshing, however you can also enjoy the water during the wet seasons.

Most parks in Uganda have scheduled boat rides in the mornings and afternoons and if you want a private boat ride or a boat ride a lone you can also pay for one alone a take it at any time.

Best time for a boat ride in Uganda
Boat safari on kazinga channel

So because there is no definite ask to the best time you can have a boat ride, we are going to share our thoughts on boat ride times at these five places and then leave you to decide what you feel will be the best time for you to have boat ride in Uganda

  1. Queen Elizabeth national park

Boat rides in Queen Elizabeth National Park happen on the kazinga channel and on these amazing boat rides one gets to see water birds, water animals, amazing surrounding flora and land animals coming to quench their thirst in the water.

On these boat ride you enjoy the fresh breeze and the singing birds flying over the channel.

Queen Elizabeth National Park has boat rides in the morning and the afternoons. The morning rides are usually chilly and sometimes the place have mist so you can hardly see anything. But it’s during these morning rides that the birds’ sings and flying over the water body is more evident.

In the afternoon the breeze is cooler are usually you can see and appreciate everything around the channel.

Lake Mburo National Park

Like Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park has boat rides in the mornings and in the afternoon. The boat rides on the famous lake Mburo give you a chance to see numerous water animals, birds and vegetation.

In the morning you see everything but the water it’s very cold, you may not enjoy the lake. In the afternoon however the views and water ambience are just spectacular.

Murchison Falls National Park

Like the two parks above Murchison Falls National Park has both morning and afternoon boat rides but for the boat rides in Murchison falls National Park, they all usually give you the same vibe. The only difference is the nature of the boat ride adventure.

The boat rides on the Nile river in Murchison falls National Park can take you up to the point where you hike up to the falls for the top of the falls experience or the ride can just take you down the flow the falls.

Best time for a boat ride in Uganda
Boat Cruise on Murchison Falls

Either way you have the boat ride you will enjoy magnificent views of the falls and flora, animals and birds in the park.

Source of the Nile

Boat rides on the source of the Nile are done whole day form morning to afternoon. On these boat rides you enjoy to see surrounding vegetation, surrounding communities and you ride up to the point where the source of the Nile starts. Usually there this no much difference of the boat ride experiences.

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