Best top up safari activities : What makes most safaris fun are the different activities you get to do while at the game park or even on the road trip to the game park. Usually when we talk of safari activities put minds go straight to game drives and primate trekking activities, however, there are very many other activities that you can do in the wild depending on your preference and the wildlife park you are having your safari at.

Best Adventure Destinations in Uganda

Usually because the other activities are not the traditional game drives or primate treks most people will refer to them after top up safari activities, though to others they are just activities part of their safari itinerary.

Whatever you call them, in this article we want to share some of the top up safari activities you can have on your safari anywhere in the east African region.

These activities include but are not limited to: –

Boat rides

Done in almost all game parks that have water bodies the boat ride is an activity that allows you to have a ride on the park’s water body (lake or river) to enjoy the water breeze and ambience as well as view the flora and fauna from a vantage point on the water body.

Boat rides are done in Queen Elizabeth, lake Mburo and Murchison Falls national park Uganda.

Horseback rides

In Uganda done majorly in lake Mburo national park and the zoo, the activity is a fun experience where you take to the horse’s back and ride around the park, enjoying the horse ride as you view the flora and fauna of the park.

Nature walks

As the name states, these are walks through the national park, where you focus on the vegetation and plants in and around the park. The walks are usually light and refreshing.

Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is the activity of hanging from high in suspension over water. This is an adrenaline rush event that quite risk and not for the faint hearted. However, its so fun you need to add it to your itinerary, you will be so glad you did we assure you.

Best top up safari activities
Bungee jumping jinja


This is a water activity, where you go in a kayak on the water navigating the waves and rapids as the come on the water body. Its similar to white water rafting but less daring and calmer. It’s done usually by people who want to get some water adventure and still stay safe.

White water rafting

This is one of the most adventurous water activities that people term as chasing rapids. On this rafting experience, rafters hit water waves and rapids and come over them from the other side. The activity is exhilarating and thrilling at the same time. Its also done in grade – mild risk and high risk so you choose what sorts you best.

Hot air balloon

This is the activity of going up in the air in a carrier that is mainly anchored to a hot air balloon. The science of this activity is that the hot air ballon is what makes up actually go up and stay up. Apart from the thrill of being up in the air, you get to see amazing sights of the surrounding areas.

Plantation Visits

These are visits to tea farms, coffee farms, banana farms and so on. The visits allow you to experience the growing and harvesting of these crops on top of understanding the culture of the famer’s communities. It’s a great activity for winding down and getting to know more about the people you are visiting.

Community visits

Just like the plantation visits, the community visits take you to the people communities, to meet and interact with the people of the land; get to know them and their cultures, norms and traditions among other things.

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