Bird watching in Kalinzu forest : Uganda being known as Africa’s premier birding destination with the list of birds Found in the country topping 1000. Many of these birds live only in tropical forests with rare Sightings being described as “mythical” while it is believed that some of the birds living in remote forests of Uganda may not even be classified as of yet.

Bird watching is done in forests and wetlands of Uganda while on Uganda Safaris Tours which exposes visitors to an opportunity to see different species of birds as they take pictures, bird species like;

  • SHOEBILL: The Shoebill stork is endemic to Africa and birders from around the globe flock to Uganda to catch rare glimpse of this clumsy giant. For a long time, this bird was not protected and its eggs Where frequently stolen from nests until the Uganda Bird Guide Club’s efforts succeeded in Making it illegal to trap these birds and steal their eggs.
Bird watching in Kalinzu forest
Shoe Bill stork
  • GREEN BREASTED PITTA: The Green-breasted Pitta is a difficult bird to find despite its relatively common status in the Central African countries. It lives, well camouflaged, in the lowland tropical forests and Photographing one of these little-guys is a bird lovers dream.
  • AFRICAN GREEN BRAODBILL: The vivid colors of this eye-catching bird can only be seen in two places in the world – The Itombwe Mountains in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda’s Bwindi Forest. The Species is declining due to loss of its habitat from forest clearing and degradation.
  • BLACK BREASTED BARBET: The giant Black-breasted Barbet has been seen by very few individuals and is highly sought after by bird watchers. Unfortunately, it tends to live in areas of conflict and so it is rarely seen by tourists to this region with Uganda being one of the safest regions to possibly catch a Glimpse of this magnificent bird.
  • DOHERTY’S BUSH SHRIKE: Found in the subtropical montane forests and moist shrub-lands of central Africa these brightly-colored birds are one of the more common birds seen in Uganda and thankfully, their population levels seem to be stable for the most part.
  • SHORT-TAILED WARBLER: The Short-tailed Warbler can be found primarily in Uganda’s forest undergrowth while the Forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda are also home to this camouflaged Species.
  • STANDARD-WINGED NIGHTJAR: This picturesque bird is characterized by the central flight feathers that appear during breeding season on the males. Raised vertically during display, it is a dream come true to see these birds during this short time span when their feathers can stretch up to 38cm in length.

There are many bird species, which makes East Africa a birders paradise. Species May be among others for example: Saddle Billed Stork, Pelicans, Herons, African Fish Eagle, Butler, Long Crested Eagle, Vultures, Owls, Grey Crowned Crane, Great Blue Turaco, Rwenzori Turaco, Hornbills, Honey birds, Sunbirds, Weavers and the African Fin foot, flamingos etc.

In Uganda bird watching is very possible in Maramagambo forest, Budongo forest and Kibale national park, Bwindi impenetrable national park (Ruhija), around the shores of Lake Bunyonyi and in Bigodi Swamp around Kibale national park and Mabamba swamp.

When talking about birding in Uganda you cannot miss talking about Kalinzu forest situated near Queen Elizabeth national park in the western part of Uganda in Kasese, Rubirizi, Kamwenge, and Rukungiri.

Bird watching  in Kalinzu Forest

Kalinzu forest is the second-best destination for chimpanzee tracking in Uganda after Kibale forest national park and birding activity. Kalinzu forest is a good place for birding hosting over 379 species of birds recorded, some of the species found in this forest include great blue Turaco, black and white casket, cuckoo, black-billed Turaco, casqued hornbill, and many others.

Kalinzu forest national park can be reached within 45 minutes using road transport from the Mweya sector of Queen Elizabeth national park. This forest can be reached by road transport from Kampala within 6-7 hours’ drive it is about 382 kilometers drive from Kampala and it straddles at elevation of 1400 meters it extends up to 147 square kilometers. Kalinzu Forest Reserve is remarkably that one most spectacular forest reserve that any nature lover shouldn’t miss to explore. And with a good safari guide trust this it will be a remarkable moment in life, Bird watching in Kalinzu forest.

Bird watching in Kalinzu forest
Black-billed Turaco

There are good accommodation facilities to this lovely place but the Uganda safari can give a best experience  of fun and trek as you bird watch and also some other activities.

Things to do while in Kalinzu Forest

THE PALM TRAIL: This is a 5 km circular trail and it takes about 2, – over relatively flat terrain. Visitors will discover some fascinating forest trees along this trail including the rare Fame tree. The tree has large, red, tulip-like flames which supposedly activates sexual desire in women. There are also the “Raphe Palms,” which are used for making local mats, and the somewhat spectacular “Dragon tree.” There is a variety of paltriest among

NATURE WALKS: Come explore the forest on foot, feeling the fresh breeze from these trees, the guided walk is such an experience you don’t want to miss out on and the eye-catching beautiful sceneries like the waterfalls, singing birds, and the Primate species. Nature walks take you through the valley trail, waterfall path

CHIMPANZEE TRACKING: The Activity starts very early in the morning with the briefing at the park headquarters led by the ranger guides, these prepare you through the don’ts and dos of the trekking. One thing you should know that the activity is a bit tiresome so you ought to be physically fit, there is a lot of running and fast movements trying to catch up with the chimps and walking through the stiff terrain which is at times muddy. And so very many other more.

Bird watching in Kalinzu forest
Chimpanzee Trekking in Kalinzu Forest

What to carry when on a Uganda Bird watching Safari

When visiting Kalinzu forest, tourists should come along with plenty of drinking water, energy-giving snacks, insect repellents, and good Waterproof hiking shoes, good quality camera, sunscreen, a hat, garden gloves, long-sleeved Clothes, and much more all these will help one to have a remarkable time at the tour

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