The Bisoke Mountain in Rwanda

Bisoke Mountain Rwanda; standing at an elevation of 3700 meters above sea level, Bisoke presents the shape of a true volcano and those that hike to the summit will discover the crater Lake sitting deep in its crater. For those interested in mountain climbing, Mt. Bisoke volcano hiking is not exceptionally demanding but the high elevation however requires extra strength and can be a sure tough hike. The hike to the summit can take anywhere between 6 hours and the full day depending on how fast or slow you walk and the number of stoppages. Ascending typically requires 3 hrs.

While on the hike, you will encounter different types of vegetation beginning with the bamboo forests on the slopes and foothills, move on to Hagenia – Hpericum forest and Senecio Lobelia bush towards the summit.

You will part with 75 USD Per person as the park fees for the volcano climb. That includes the park ranger guide who will escort you and give answers to your questions along the hike. The activity begins at Kinigi park headquarters and there is no prior booking required. So, just show up there with your money and pay for the trek and proceed. You can also hire a porter from the park headquarters as well.

Height: This is the 3rd  tallest mountain in Rwanda at 12,175 ft / 3711 meters
Status: Dormant Volcano

Time frame: It takes up to 3 or 4 hours from the starting point to the summit and 2 to 3 hours to descend.
Worth noting:

Should you be lucky enough to encounter Mountain gorillas while on your climb, you will NOT be allowed to take any photos. Gorilla watching maybe restricted to about 10 minutes and that’s according to the ranger guides’ discretion so it is not a must.

This is not a walk in the park, but rather a physical hike – starting at 2,700 meters  and you will experience the altitude in the last minutes of the ascent to the summit.
You will walk in the company of a park ranger guide, a porter and English speaking guide.

Best Time: Like other activities and national park tours, the dry season (June – mid Sept) or December to February is better because it can be very muddy and challenging during the rainy season.

You only need to book a Rwanda safari package that lasts for two days to visit this mountain.

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