Boat Cruise in Uganda : Boat cruise activities in Uganda are one of the top most adventure activities that are participated on several water bodies where tourists are blessed with great opportunities to explore and enjoy the scenic views of the beautiful nature of Uganda and get chances to sight see a variety of bird species and wildlife species that are always spotted in water and some gather along the banks of the rivers and lakes. Embarking on boat cruise activities is one way, which helps people to give away their stressful memories as you enjoy the fresh and breathtaking atmosphere while relaxing.

Boat Cruise along Kazinga Channel

Any tourist can is allowed to engage themselves on boat cruise activities; however, it is best for those individuals who have some good swimming skills. In addition, tourists are encouraged to always wear their life jacket, which are important in case of an accident, they prevent individuals from drowning. More so, while on a boat, tourists are advised to avoid leaning on the boats and ensure that the boat is balanced well from the back and front in order to avoid accidents and smoking is prohibited while on the launch trips.

Boat cruise activities in Uganda are offered and done in three types, which include;

  • Morning boat cruise, which begins at 9:00am in the morning and this, is considered as the best time for these launch trips because during this period, tourists get to sight see many wildlife species as they walk around lazy along the lakeshore and enjoy beautiful sounds of the birds singing.
  • More so, there are afternoon cruises that begin at 2:00pm and during this period of time, tourists also get chances to look at many animals as they slope down to the lakes and rivers to drink water such as; buffaloes and elephants and also it happens to be the best time for bird lovers due to the fact that they get to see numerous and different numbers of bird species in the sky.
  • Lastly, tourists can also embark on the evening boat cruises whereby they always begin at 5:00pm and this is considered as the most perfect time for the people who love photography due to the fact that they get chances to witness the beautiful sunset which gives spectacular views as the sky looks stunning mixed with colors from orange to yellow as the colors of blue and white reflect into the waters and use their phones and cameras to take pictures of the sunset or themselves in the sunset. More so, during the evening time, tourists get opportunities to overlook at many wildlife species as they head to their nests while from grazing.

Where to go for boat cruise in Uganda.

Murchison falls national park.

Boat Cruise in Uganda
Boat Cruise on Murchison Falls

The boat cruise in Murchison falls national park will bless you with a wonderful moment as you get a ride up to the top of the Murchison falls and to the Nile delta of the Albertine Lake. In addition, this park has two boats which are; the Nile boat and the delta boat which are both done during in the morning and evening. Tourists exploring on a boat ride in Murchison get chances to capture classic views of the great waterfalls and sight see wildlife species like; Rothschild giraffes, elephants, antelopes, buffalos, kobs, hippos and many others.

Kazinga channel.

The Kazinga channel is well known because it divides Lake Edward and Lake Gorge and it is found within Queen Elizabeth national park. individuals who opt to go to Kazinga channel for the boat cruise always have a good time as they enjoy and get new experiences as they capture exceptional views of the beautiful adventure within the surrounding and also over look at wildlife animals like; crocodiles, antelopes, large herds of buffalos, hippos, elephants, and bird species like; the African mourning bird, fish eagle, king fisher, black bee eaters and many others. more so, these launch trips on the Kainga channel bless tourists with clear views of the fishing villages and the fisher men nets which are always along the shores which await to be used for night fishing.

Apart from the places mentioned above, there are many other destinations which ae suitable for the boat cruise and these include; Lake Mburo national park, the source of the Nile, Lake Bunyonyi which is known as the second deepest lake in Africa after lake Tanganyika and lake Victoria which also famously known to be the largest lake in Uganda and the whole world at large.

The Boat cruise activities in Uganda can also be combined with other interesting activities such as; chimpanzee trekking which is best done within the Kyambura gorge which is found in Queen Elizabeth national park, wildlife viewing, tree climbing lion experience, guided nature walks, bird watching, gorilla trekking, hiking, community visits, cultural encounters among others.

 What is the best time to go for boat cruise activities in Uganda?

Tourist who have their big interests in engaging in boat cruise activities in Uganda can choose to travel at any time in the year however, the dry season is considered the best time for this activity because during this period, there are fewer rains, which provides individuals a good time to enjoy their launch trips. The dry season is between months of June to September and from mid-December to February.

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