Bokora Game Reserve : Where Culture Meets Nature

Bakora Game Reserve : Where Culture Meets NatureThis is part of the several reserves in the Karamoja region. The Bakora Corridor game reserve is found is eastern Uganda and can easily be accessed by road though the roads are not in a good condition. This makes this place only accessible during the dry season.

There is no accommodation nearby at the moment but the wildlife authority in Uganda has a proposal to develop this place very soon but for now you can sleep in the nearby towns. Some of the wildlife Giraffe, Eland, Antelopes and more other more animals. There are also a variety of birds also the actual number of birds recorded here is not known since the place is new to conservation. There are not very many visitors to this place the area is still virgin and a good spot to Safari.

The reverses in the Karamoja region are portioned into the different ethnic groups in this area like the Bokora, Pian, the Upe and Matheniko who inhabit in those respective areas.

Bokora Game Reserve

The major of all these is the Pian Upe which covers about 2801 square Kilometers starting from Kadam Mountains to Napak Mountains in the north. It have a variety of wildlife like the Giraffes, lions, buffaloes, zebras and more. It is the largest game reserve in Uganda.

Sharing boarders with Bakora Game Reserve is Matheniko Game Reserve. These game reserves complete a good ecosystem of Savannah and mountains all in this semi arid area. There are good swamps for birding in this area like Loporokocho swamp, the species of bird in this swamp are rare and difficult to spot anywhere else.

Such extinct birds that are found in Loporokocho swamp include the Ostrich , Jackson’s Hornbill, the White-headed Buffalo-Weaver plus so many more species of birds.

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