Can I go for mountain gorilla trekking after recovering from covid19?

Can I go for mountain gorilla trekking after recovering from covid19? Mountain gorilla trekking is a thrilling experience that everyone in their lifetime should try out for the main reason of seeing the famous and greatly endangered mountain gorillas but also for fun and for an adventurous experience of a lifetime. 

Can I go for mountain gorilla trekking after recovering from covid19?

Because mountain gorillas share almost 98% of the DNA with human beings, they have a lot in common with the human beings but they are also easily affected by most things that affect human beings like diseases. This means humans can easily spread communicable diseases to the mountain gorillas at any given instance. 

It’s for this reason that mountain gorilla trekking rules emphasis a minimal interaction between the humans and the mountain gorillas, so that the mountain gorillas are protected from contracting diseases from humans easily. 

These mountain gorilla trekking rules include but are not limited to keeping a 7 meter distance between you and the mountain gorilla during the trekking experience, not touching the mountain gorillas, not feeding the mountain gorillas, not littering the mountain gorilla habitat with any of your items and not coughing or sneezing directly into the mountain gorillas, and many more rules. But these specifically focus on minimizing the spread of disease from the humans to the mountain gorillas.

In this era of COVID19, these rules have even been more beefed up, to not only minimize the chances of the mountain gorillas getting diseases from humans but also to eliminate the chances of the human spreading the coronavirus to the mountain gorillas. So since the COVID19 pandemic, all persons  who wish to go for mountain gorilla trekking are supposed to have tested negative  for the COVID19 before they are allowed to go into the forest for the mountain gorilla trekking experience. Furthermore several  COVID19  guidelines have to be followed during the trekking experience so that even in cases of having an asymptomatic person part of the trekking will not harm the mountain gorillas and the other people trekking with the person.

So with that, one may wonder what if I have suffered from COVID19 and healed and recovered from the disease, is it possible for such a one to go on a mountain gorilla trekking experience or because they have suffered from the disease before they are still not eligible for the mountain gorilla trekking experience.

COVID19 is such a deadly disease, this disease since its outbreak in 2020; it has claimed over a million lives and affected several people in one way or another. COVID19 is also a communicable disease that spreads through contact with people or surfaces with the COVID19 virus, if someone who has the virus came in contact with the mountain gorillas, chances are high that person would spread the virus/disease to the mountain gorillas.

That said, there are people who have contracted the coronavirus and suffered from the disease but after taking medication or remedies for the disease they have gotten better and have completely healed from the disease.

Usually if the disease has not worsened, persons who have contracted the disease recover and get well and become COVID free. Literally they go back to their normal life.

Science has not shown that such people can spread the virus again, because they are literally COVID free.

It’s for that reason that we believe a person who has recovered from COVID19 and has tested negative before the mountain gorilla trekking is able to take on the mountain gorilla trekking experience. 

Thus if you have suffered from COVID19 and completely recovered from the disease and are now COVID19 free and this can be proven by a COVID negative test, you can absolutely go for a mountain gorilla trekking experience.

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