Congo Visa

Congo VISA is the only document that allows you to stay in the country, pass through the country, or even carry out a business intended activity in a particular country. The VISAs to congo is required from all the nationals entering the democratic republic of congo. however, for someone to get a VISA to congo must have real evidence for the purpose of visit, the way of survival or support for the time you are going to spend in the country plus the accommodation facility where you are going to stay; all this information is required at the border entry point controls.

Congo VISA

It is very ideal if you would apply or submit your visa to Congo application two weeks prior to your travel, or your intended date of travel. It is so hard to get a visa at the border entry points or even any other entry points to the democratic republic of congo. Therefore, you will need to pick your visa from the embassy of Congo in your country; the processing of the visa takes about 5 to 7 days from the time of the submission of the application.

Requirements for you to get VISA to congo

  • You will need to have two passport size colored photographs; that photos are supposed to be 2inches by 2 inches with a black and white background and a clear front view of your face. However, the passport photos have to be current, at least about 6 months, so that they can show your current appearance.
  • A yellow fever vaccination certificate is also something you need in order to get your visa to congo. You can check on the travel health pro website for details about the yellow fever vaccination. To note; it does not matter whether you have yellow fever or not, a yellow fever vaccination certificate is just a requirement that you must have to get a visa to the democratic republic of congo.
  •  Another requirement is a passport whit a validity of about six months. You must have a valid passport for at least six months from when you have applied for the visa t congo.
  • An invitation letter is another vital requirement for you to achieve a visa to congo; this is mainly applicable for those traveling for a reason for visiting friends and family. However, if you are a tourist or a traveler who is planning to visit congo for tourism purposes such as visiting the Virunga national park gorilla family, you are entitled to having clear evidence of a hotel reservation in the country.
  • However, for travelers traveling for the purposes of a business, they are supposed to present a business letter to allow them to acquire a business visa to congo.
  • A copy of the airline tickets or an itinerary can save you a chance to have a visa to congo. Entering the Democratic Republic of Congo can be such a tiring thing especially when you use the land boards. Therefore, having a visa is the only chance that can save you the hustle plus paying a bribe to a couple of people to let you go through the checkpoints.

Types of VISAs

There are a couple of VISA types, but it is good to apply for a visa type basing on the actual purpose of your travel or visit to congo.

  1. The tourist visa is the first visa type; you can get a tourism visa from and accredited Congolese consulate like the Congolese embassies in other countries. A tourist visa will grant you authority to Congo via all the legal entry points such as the land borders and the airports with in the country, plus harbor stations on water bodies like lake kivu. A tourist visa to congo is given on the basis of a reason pertaining tourism and it is valid for a maximum of 3 months, which is 90 days), and allows you multiple entries into the democratic republic of congo. However, for the citizens of the United States of America, the validity of a visa to congo is 6 months, which is 180 days, and allows the holder multiple entries to the democratic republic of congo.
  2. Business visa is yet another type of visa you can apply for to congo. however, the business VISA is issued for a couple of reasons including a reason for making feasibility studies for a business venture, establishing professional and business contacts with different entities in the country, and drawing fine lines for investment arrangements in the democratic republic of congo. A business visa is valid for a maximum of 30 days with a grantee of multiple entries to the non-USA citizens; you can ask for the extension of this kind of visa before the current one expires. However, the USA citizens are allowed 180 days of business visa validity plus multiple entries in the democratic republic of congo.
  3. Official diplomatic visa to congo is granted to the diplomatic passport holders planning to travel to the democratic republic of congo, plus the united nations laissez-passer bearers who are travelling for business matters and employees of Canada, Mexico, the world bank, the united nations, the international monetary fund among other employees from the international organizations. As the name states, the official diplomatic visa is issued for diplomatic passports, and if the application of the visa is backed up with a diplomatic note, the visa is given at a free charge to the holder. Allows free multiple entries to the holder into the democratic republic of congo for diplomatic reasons.

The visa fee to congo

Despite the fact that some visas are given at a free charge such as the diplomatic VISA to congo, the other visas to congo are issued for a fee between USD 100 to USD 200. However, at the entry points to the democratic republic of congo, a lot of people and soldiers might bribe you a few other dollars, not to delay the process it is good to carry all the necessary documents. To note, you have to be careful at the different entry borders to congo, you have to hold fast your passport or visa and the wallet, or else they can easily get displaced at the different entry points.

Despite this, you can also get the visa at home with in two-weeks, and it is a single entry visa which is issued to the travelers visiting Virunga national park. This kind of tourist visa is charged a fee of about usd105. However, you also have to buy the gorilla trekking permit or a Nyirangongo hike permit or accommodation at the Mikeno lodge in order to get the paperwork for this visa. Despite, this tourist VISA for Virunga national park, it rejects you from visiting the north of kivu province; you should make a booking is for this king of visa several weeks before arrival to avoid inconveniences.

Congo VISA
Congo VISA

To note; you should keep in mind that the Democratic Republic of Congo has suffered raging political 

unrest for a long time, therefore, you should put in mind that congo is full of crime and civil unrest, plus you should avoid some areas like north kivu, because they are marked as high-risk areas for tourists. For example, it is safe to stay away from Ituri provinces due to the high crime rate and ebola plus kidnapping. Also, the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo is not safe for travelers. Stay safe in the democratic republic of congo.

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