Cycling tours  in Uganda

Cycling tours  in Uganda : Cycling tours are one of the less done activities in Uganda yet very interesting and gives a bigger picture of Uganda as a country. Cycling tours will totally give you a different version, enjoying more of the scenery and close interaction with the local people, and nature unlike with the game drives, boat cruises and mountain climbing in Uganda. Cycling tour can be done in many part of the country including the Uganda national parks. The most renown destination of cycling include Kampala, Jinja, Lake Bunyonyi, Bwindi Impenetrable national park, Lake Mburo national park, Mount Rwenzori. Cycling tours in Uganda are meaningful simply because you get to see and learn a lot about the country for example you can ride to markets places. Therefore joy and adventure is in the journey from the start to the end, all new and exciting sights and sounds of Uganda.

In Bwindi Impenetrable national park, cycling tours in Uganda are handled by Rid for a woman organization located in Buhoma sector of Bwindi Impenetrable national park. They offer pleasant activities that allow visitors to spend more time in the park other than just doing the gorilla trekking tour and leave the park. Ride for a woman gives visitors an opportunity to widely explore the park on guided bicycle rides and at the same time, support the local adjacent communities around the park. They offer activities like mountain biking and the rides give exciting scenery of the Bwindi forest. For anyone participating in the cycling tour, A ride for a woman offers cycling safety measures for visitors including an helmet

Cycling tours in Jinja; Jinja is one of the best destinations in Uganda for cycling tours in Uganda. There are some companies in Jinja that do organize cycling tours including Nile River Explorers, Red dirt Uganda, Bike Ventures. Mountain bikes enable cyclists to experience the untouched nature of the green countryside, the dirty trails over the rough terrain, and through river beds, ride along the banks of the Nile River, and homesteads. These demand experience in handling balance, steering and braking combined with good physical condition.

Cycling tours in Kampala; Kampala city is located around Lake Victoria and the nature of the city supports cycling tours around the city. There are city rides where visitors can do a city tour by basically riding in the streets. Cycling tours also take place around the Ssese islands about 30 minutes boat ride from the hectic city of Kampala. Cycling tours here have some of the best trials leading through amazing villages and scenic nature. There are some incredible climbs and tracks that contain mixed wide grave fire roads and single tracks with encounter of the friendly people and discover the real Uganda. The rides take about 20km long, going at an easy pace and good for starters.

Cycling tours in Lake Mburo; Lake Mburo national park is the smallest national park with the least to do activities in the park with mainly game drives and boat cruises. Given that the park has few or no predators like the lions and leopards, there are other activities that have been created in the park to enable visitors have more time to enjoy in the park for more than 3 days. Cycling is yet another of adventuring in Lake Mburo national park and the surrounding areas. There are guided bike rides starting from 1 hour to3 hours. Visitors ride amongst the animals including the Zebras, buffaloes, antelopes within the park, so instead of waking up for a game drive, one can opt to ride in the park while game viewing.

Cycling tours in Mount Elgon National park; Mountain Elgon national park is located in the Eastern part of Uganda on Mount Elgon, one of the most interesting and exciting mountain to visit. Apart from Mountain climbing, Mount Elgon national park offers cycling tours. The park is unspoilt with no crowds in the area. It is rugged with rocks; creek and rain washout with many steep declines thus giving stunning views of the African wilderness. With cycling tours in Mount Elgon national park, no bikes are provided so you carry your own bike and equipment, alternatively hire from the companies offering cycling experiences.

What you need for cycling tour

In order to enjoy and feel comfortable during the cycling tour, you need to pack light clothing preferably tracksuits, shorts or leggings. The biking companies provide the bikes and helmets for protection in case of an accident. Other things to bring for your cycling tour include; Sporty outfit, closed shoes, raincoat, sun cream, and a bottle of water. Cycling tours can be done any time of the year however, the best recommended time to go for mountain biking is during the rainy seasons, the more muddy the ground, the better since the sliding makes the activity more exciting the dry season given that the tracks get very dusty. Biking is best done in the morning and evening hours of the day. It’s about $15 to $30 to participate in the cycling activity taking about 1 to 3 hours depending on your riding skills and fitness.

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