Dian Fossey The Woman Obsessed With Gorillas

Dian Fossey The Woman Obsessed With Gorillas: Talking about gorilla gafaris in Rwanda, Rwanda is considered entirely partial if we don’t talk about the several years that late Dian Fossey committed to studying and staying with the these gentle mountain gorillas in the verdant forests as well as the Rwanda mountain gorillas. During that time she managed to write a book entitled “Gorillas in The Mist” that after sometime was shot into a movie in Hollywood – Gorillas in the Mist.

Although the natural habitat of mountain gorillas across the entire planet is found in just 3 countries Rwanda, Congo and Uganda, Dian Fossey decided to establish her research within the mountainous slopes of Volcanoes National Park found in Rwanda.

Born on 16th January 1932 and died 26th December 1985, Dian Fossey was an American zoologist who started a comprehensive research of mountain gorillas over a duration of 18 years. On a daily basis she studied the gorillas within their natural habitat. it is said that all her great work was inspired by Louis Leakey a well-known anthropologist. Years after, Dian’s research evolved into conservation of the highly endangered mountain gorillas and her single fight against the poachers who unfortunately in the end overpowered her.

Dian Fossey The Woman Obsessed With Gorillas

The exact cause of death of Dian Fossey who was killed in 1985 remains unclear up to date

Dian Fossey was Regarded among the most important primatologists on earth during her time, and she together with Jane Goodall along with Birute Galdikas, were part of the “Leakey’s Angels”, a group comprised of three distinguished women researchers dedicated to primate study (Dian Fossey studied Mountain Gorillas; then Goodall studied Chimpanzees; while Galdikas studied Orangutans) all sent by Louis Leakey to study these great primates within their natural habitats.

Dian Fossey made several discoveries about the then less known mountain gorillas among which was how the females move from one group to another, how the raiding Silverbacks will occasionally kill the little ones of a raided gorilla group in order that the mothers can bear his offspring, as well as how gorillas recycle their nutrients. Her research was primarily funded by National Geographic Society and Wilkie Foundation together with Leakey Foundation

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