Best Advice on getting discounted Gorilla Permits in Uganda

Best Advice on getting discounted Gorilla Permits in Uganda: Many clients ask when it is cheap to track the gorillas. Of course it is cheaper in the low season: season months of April, May and November, but is it the same experience tracking gorillas during these months as it is in the peak months? Well, gorilla tracking experience is the same all through, it can only change due to factors like location.

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Uganda scrapped off their low season gorilla permits offer. All permits in Uganda now cost $600 all year round hence, this article doesn’t apply from 2018 onwards.

Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) in partnership with AUTO (Association of Uganda Tour Operators) continue to give out discounted gorilla permits in Uganda or low season offers on gorilla trekking permits. Permits in the low season cost USD 450 as compared to the normal USD600.

Is it knowledgeable to Trek Gorillas in Low seasons?

It is a great time like I said earlier because experience does not change but the prices are actually lower. The accommodation rates during this time also tend to be lower. Some gorilla tourists were being told to believe that gorilla permits are only discounted during the rainy seasons in the months of March, April, May, October and November. Yet the only truth is that Bwindi Impenetrable National Park sits on a relatively high altitude area with tropical rain forest densely concentrated vegetation, making influencing its climate in a number of factors inclusive of winds from the Congo. Therefore Bwindi Forest National Park does receive a good amount of rainfall throughout the year and anytime of the day it will rain, that is why no matter the season wet or dry, tourists are advised to carry their rain coats and comfortable boots.

Ways of booking discounted Bwindi gorilla permits

Despite the fact that business is always slow in these months, it can’t guarantee that you will always get permits to track the mountain gorillas. Therefore you ought to also have booked in time with your tour operator. The procedure for acquiring the permits in the low season is the remains the same as in the peak season.

How to pay your discounted Bwindi gorilla permit

You can either pay directly through Uganda wildlife authority or contact your travel agent or tour operator to advise accordingly.

How to tell if a gorilla trekking permit has been booked?

If you have booked through UWA they will send you a confirmation email on payment and if you pay through you agent or tour operator then they will share with you the receipts if need be otherwise on accepting your payment they have taken all the risks and yours is to sit back and wait for your tracking experience.

Does Rwanda also have discounted permits?

As for now Rwanda has no discounted gorilla permits and there permits go for USD 1500 throughout the whole year.

Do the Chimps also have discounted permits?

Yes during the same period the chimp tracking permits are also discounted and go for USD50.

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