Dolwe Island in uganda : Uganda has over 90 attractive Islands located in the numerous lakes. These Islands in Uganda are hidden treasures with several surprises. The several Islands in Uganda offer countless and unique exploration, sightseeing, rambling and sporting occasions. The Safaris to the Islands are the perfect setting for ending a safari tour in Uganda there are different island some are major and highly popular and these are.

Some of the major Islands in Uganda

Ssese Islands: This is an archipelago of 84 beautiful islands lying off the northwestern shores of Lake Victoria with beaches. The Ssese Islands thriving amidst the waters of the gigantic Victoria Lake have got great tourism potential that would attract a range of world travelers to undertake safaris to Uganda. The Ssese Islands are surrounded by the 2nd largest lake in the world and the largest lake in Africa – Boating is a normal way of life, from fishing boats, to Sail Boats, Motorized Boats of all kind.

Dolwe Island in uganda
Ssesse Island

Musambwa Islands: Is a group of three rocky islands located approximately five kilometers offshore from Kasensero Landing site in Rakai District off the shores of Sango Bay region in Lake Victoria.

Ngamba Island: Ngamba Island is located in Lake Victoria, Uganda and its area is only 100 acres of which 98 acres are occupied by rain forested. It is 23km from Entebbe town and is popular because of the Chimpanzee’s sanctuary. The Island is nicknamed ‘Chimp Island’ because of the Chimpanzee Sanctuary. The chimps at Ngamba tolerate human presence and do not scamper off. They therefore can be viewed at very close range especially during feeding times.

Buggala Island: Buggala is the largest Island in the L. Victoria and the best developed for tourism. Kalangala, located on the eastern end of the Islands is the administrative centre for the islands. Some of the animals you can’t miss while there include vervet monkey, bushbuck, black and white colobus. For those who love bird watching, there are several water and forest birds that include varieties of turacos, hornbills, barbets, flycatchers, robin-chats and many other species. Lutoboka Bay is located just a few distances away and hosts the islands cluster of resort beaches and offers a variety of beach activities.and so very many others but this article unveils one of the most un recognized island in uganda and that is dolwe island.

Dolwe is an island full of fascinating rocks and mystery paintings. It is located on the east of Lake Victoria in Namayingo district. This Island has been in existence for over 300-500 years ago. Travel by boat for 3-4 hours from Bwondha landing site in Mayuge district in order to reach the island.

This island is found in the Busoga region. This being the case the Basoga people had no fishing culture so they did not become permanent residents. Oral History tells us Bavuma people from Buvuma Island were the first inhabitants of Dolwe Island in 1904. The British colonizers who forcefully removed people from Lake Basin areas to new areas without tsetse flies. They faced resistance from different communities.

By 1901 sleeping sickness had spread through widely in Busoga region which had caused thousands of death. People abused Kabaka Daudi Chwa II (Buganda King) because of relocation of different communities which forced them to flee. Most people who lived in Buvuma Island died from sleeping sickness so the remaining relocated to Dolwe Island. Sleeping sickness epidemic that broke up in 1920s, forced may to evacuate in 1954.

These various movements may have led to the loss of oral legends and knowledge of its earlier inhabitants who may have lived there. Today, the island is inhabited by different groups of people from different regions of the country and the neighboring countries.

Attractions at dolwe in uganda

The rock paintings on Dolwe Island have shapes of beings unknown to the current inhabitants mostly the Jaluo from Kenya and Ugandans from different tribes. “It is not Dolwe but Lolwe, a Kenyan word to mean a flat. The nature of the rocks while the Basoga’s insisted its Dolwe but meaning was the same. The Kenyans named the places according to happenings and features. There is Kandege (a plane), Golofa (flat building), Singira (moving), Mwango, Bukangawa, Raboro, Munene, among others.

The rock paintings are permanent and however much you scrub them they cannot go off not even rain can wash them away and one wonders which kind of paint they used. There are about seven shrines where the rock paintings exist.

Dolwe Island in uganda
Dolwe Island

What makes local people praise and worship their gods, is the big stone sitting on a smaller stone without falling off or breaking makes them wonder how all this is possible and also the unique rock paintings and caves.

Fun activities at dolwe in Uganda

There are lots of activities to do while at dolwe island in Uganda and these can include.

Uganda Bird Watching



Village and Nature Walks

Cultural Visit etc.

Other fun activities to carry out in addition to the visitation of Dolwe Island in uganda can also include:

White Water Rafting

Hot Air Balloon Safari

Sport Fishing

Mountaineering and Hiking

Golf Safari


Horse Back Riding

Quad Biking

Cycling and Mountain Biking


Stand Up Paddle

River Boarding or Surfing

Jet Boating

Boat Cruise

Packing list for a safari to Dolwe Island in Uganda

Your packing choice has to as well matter as other stuff matter in order to have a pleasant visit at Dolwe Island in Uganda make the best choice of clothes to use.

Long trousers (zip-off pants are very useful)

Shorts, mid-thigh or longer

Short-sleeved shirts


Sweater, jacket, windbreaker

Raincoat and/ or rain poncho

Sun hat


Sunscreen crème etc.

How to get Dolwe Island.

With its unique and beautiful features there seems to be potential for tourism on Dolwe Island. Some visitors can decide to fly from either Entebbe, or from Kisumu, Mbita or Rusinga (in Kenya) in small charter aircraft, as soon as there is a landing strip on Dolwe. There island is still under developed and wild which makes it so beautiful.

The only form of transport is by boda boda (bike) and bicycles. Since there are no vehicles. anyway come have some of the greatest experiences in Uganda.

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