Domestic Airstrips / Airports in Uganda : Uganda, popularly known as the pearl of Africa, is a land locked country located in the eastern part of Africa. It has six recognized airspaces with scheduled flights. However, Entebbe International Airport, is the biggest and largest military, commercial and principal international airport. It has the most flights in the country to thirty destinations in seventeen countries. Entebbe airport has two terminals one for arrivals and another for departure. The new terminal for departure was opened 2021 and is connected to the old terminal for arrival.  It serves Entebbe, Kampala and Mukono. It was built in 1972-1973 (the main terminal building.) Land boarders are opened and commercial flights are operating to and from Uganda while on Uganda Safaris Tours, even during the COVID pandemic. International passenger airlines operating scheduled flights to Entebbe include: Delta airlines, Air Tanzania, British Airways, Air link, Egypt Air, Emirates, Ethiopian airlines, Fly Dubai, KLM, and royal Dutch airlines among many others. There are fort seven airstrips in Uganda. Five have paved runways, and forty two have unpaved runways. Thirteen of Uganda’s airfields are managed by the Uganda civil aviation authority. Many of the small airfields are for lodges and safari camps in remote areas. Entebbe International Airport has two runways of asphalt type. It is both a military and civilian airport located in Entebbe in the central region. Half of it  is acting as collateral to the loan Uganda got from China thus Domestic Airstrips / Airports in Uganda.

Domestic Airstrips / Airports in Uganda
Entebbe International Airport

The other five other major airports include Gulu airport, which is a military and civilian one. It has one runway and which is made of asphalt.  In 2019, the government of Uganda planned to upgrade it to an international standard airport. Besides that, is the Nakasongola airstrip it has one runway and is a military type. It is located in Nakasongola in the central region. It is the largest airstrip in Uganda to be used exclusively for military . In the 1970’s, it was constructed by the Israeli Company.

Next in line is Mutukula Airstrip which is both civilian and military, it is close to the Tanzanian border and has one runway made of grass. Mutukula in the central region is its location. Yet still, is the Soroti Airfield located in the eastern region. It is only civilian and has two runways made of asphalt and laterite.  The last outstanding one is the Masindi Airstrip. It is civilian with one runway that is unpaved. It is geographically located in Masindi in the Western Region. All of these six airstrips are the most functional and major as compared to some the rest we are yet to discover.

Domestic Airstrips / Airports in Uganda
Pakuba Air Field

Among the remaining 41 airstrips are less active as compared to the above six. Savanah airstrip also known as  Kihihi is one of them, with a one runway made of gravel. It is a civilian airstrip and is located at the Savanah resort, Kihihi, Western Region. Besides that, are the following in the northern region; the Pakuba Airfield which is civilian with one runway made out of murram. It is located in Pakuba. Arua Airfield is still another one. It is civilian, one runway airstrip made of murram and found in Arua. In Kitgum is Kitgum Airport which is civilian. It has a one runway made of dirt. In the North Eastern region of Uganda are; Kidepo Airstrip with one runway made of murran found in the Kidepo Valley National Park as well as Moroto Airstrip which is civilian and similarly has one runway made of murram, located in Moroto District.  In the western region are the Kasese and Murchsion Falls  Airstrips, among many others all over other regions of the country.

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