Explore The Magnificent Itanda Falls

Explore The Magnificent Itanda Falls: Itanda falls are found along the river Nile in Jinja. Most people visiting Jinja do not know about Itanda falls except for those who are there to go white water rafting. The famous Bujagali falls that might be just a few ripples now but that doesn’t mean the Nile is peaceful and boring. Just a short distance from Bujagali the Nile fiercely breaks into the roaring Itanda falls. The falls are such a magnificent and almost equally scary sight.

A while back all the attention on the Nile in Jinja used to be focused on the Source of the Nile and Bujagali falls. But the Bujagali falls are no more, since the construction of the Bujagali Dam and power station. But some tour companies still offer visits to Bujagali. Without the Bujagali falls, the gem that is Itanda falls was eventually discovered by a few. It is mostly people who want Kayaking and white water rafting adventures who have come to enjoy the Itanda falls.

These magnificent falls give you a picture of what it would look like if the full force of the Nile river waters was unleashed. Standing close but not too close to the side, the waters gush by you with a powerful force, and the sound of the rushing river can be heard from a few miles away. The falls are spectacular and powerful, and kayakers and rafters have to be cautious while traversing the rapids.

The falls have three levels of rapids which go up from grade 1 to 6. Kayakers and rafters need to be mindful of these levels.

Why isn’t the Itanda Falls overflowing with tourists?

Itanda falls is still an unspoilt area, because not many tourists visit it, because not many have heard of it, and very few safari operators have it in the packages they offer. It is not that easy to access. It is found about 27km from jinja and a drive takes about 45 minutes. But once you get there, you will be so awed by the power and beauty of these falls that you will not only want to come back, but will tell someone else about it. The Itanda fall are as beautiful and powerful as they are dangerous, caution is advised when visiting.

The place is still non- commercialized and is considered a sacred site by the locals in the area. So you will not be disturbed by hawkers selling you various items, you will simply experience the Nile in its full force without unwanted distractions.

In the middle of the falls there are islands which would make for a beautiful relaxation spot along the Nile, if only there was a way to access them. Hopefully access to those islands will be discovered or created soon, because it has a lot of potential as a tourist spot.

Itanda falls is a must see for any one on safari in Uganda, don’t just see the source of the river Nile, see the River Nile with its full force unleashed!

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