Explore the beauty of mount Napak 2024 : The Karamoja region in Uganda is known for its rugged terrain and scenic beauty. The region is home to a string volcanic mountains that include, mount Moroto (3,083m) mountain biking at its best, mount Morungole (2,749m) home of the IK tribe, mount Kadam (3,063m) incredible scenery, mount Napak among others. The Karamoja elevated plain is also defined by a string of volcanic string of volcanic mountains beginning from mount Kadam (3,063m), mount Napak (2,538) great for hiking and trek among others . These mountains offers an exciting alternative to the difficult and hard climbs in the east Africa with many of the same attractions, climate lower elevation and technological experience.

Mount Napak is an extinct volcano in the Napak district of   Uganda. Located on the northern edge of the Bokora Game Reserve, it reaches an estimated height of 2103m above sea level. An alkaline volcano which erupted carbonatite-baphelinite material during the early Miocene on the margin of the Great Rift Valley, subsequent erosion affords   volcanologists   an opportunity to inspect its once internal structures. Moreover, volcanic ash   deposits and paleosols   preserve a range of both animal and plant fossils, significantly including numerous primates .it’s a mountain great for hiking and trek. Mount Napak, the third highest mountain in Karamoja, has a beginning elevation of 1,268 meters and a summit elevation of 2,530 meters. Due to its cliffs and a few scramble sections, it is also regarded as one of the hardest mountains in Karamoja to climb.  Mount Napak is located within the Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve. Hikers can see amazing views across the Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve, the Karamoja plains, and beyond because of the mountain’s unique location.

Hiking Mount Napak

As we mentioned earlier, hiking Mount Napak is great for hiking and traking.besides Mount Napak, mount Napak also in Karamoja is one of the hardest mountains to climb. During this hiking, tourists may occasionally can have an opportunity to interact with some of the animals who live in the homes at the foot of the mountain. Travelers will also get a chance to discover how the steepness of the mountain is difficult for people to hike while they are on a hiking safaris in Uganda in particular Karamoja region. Traditionally, the Karamajong and Teso populations settle at the base of the mountain. They the carry out hunting of little wild animals in the mountains and cultivate their crops in the profuse foothills for their survival.  The mountain is also in a good strategic location for travelers who love pictures, as they continue their trip through the bushy and tall grass-covered trail.

Visiting the Pian Upe wildlife reserve. Pian Upe wildlife game reserve is the second largest conservation area after Murchison falls national park ,  the game reserve covers over an area 2788 sq kilometers north of mount Elgon and it under the management of mount Elgon conservation department (Mt.E.C.D) , located in Nakapiripirit district in  Karamoja district in the northeastern Uganda , with a total of 8 districts covering  or closely to the game reserve which includes, Moroto, Amudat, Napak , Kween, Katakwi, Kumi , Bukedea, Bulambuli.

Pian Upe game reserve is a home of enormous rock Pythons and the largest Lizards in Pian Upe are the Savannah monitors other common reptiles includes common Agama, Skinks, Chameleons and Geckos and also harmless water snakes are found here. Carnivores like, Jackals, cival, spotted hyenas, Cheetah, Wild cats .The Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve gifted with numerous mammal species like lions, elephants, black rhinos and giraffes. The reserve also contains wildlife such as plain zebras and common elands, oribis and the only unique roan remaining antelope in Uganda. A large and common  mammals in the  Pian Upe game reserve  includes ; Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Giraffe, Buffalo, Waterbuck, Uganda Kob, Mountain reedbuck, Roan antelope, Jackson’s hartebeest, and oribis among others. Most of the Eland, Topi, and Zebra migrate into the reserve to breed from North Bokora and Matheniko reserves and migrate northwards when the rains begin. Birds include ostrich, secretary bird Sagittarius, and uncommon yellow-billed shrike.

Explore the beauty of mount Napak 2024
Explore the beauty of mount Napak 2024

Pian Upe game reverse is also a home over 330 of incredible bird species which is endemic in the region which makes it a home of birding haven for world bird lovers.  The uncommon birds spotted while in your Uganda safaris in Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve include the uncommon ostrich, great Hartlaub’s bustard, white headed buffalo weaver and Jackson’s hornbill and they are all protected within Loporokocho swamp. As well, tourists to this stunning reserve have a chance to sight at numerous primates like vervet monkeys and unique olive baboons are also found in Pian Upe wildlife game reserve

Community Tours

While on your Karamoja cultural tour in in Napak you will learn about the customs and culture of the locals living close to Mount Napak. You can learn about their traditional marriages and weddings, dances that you can participate in, and cattle-raiding activities, get to interact with this community rich cultural and this experiences make for fascinating cultural experiences that are entertaining to witness. Rare cultural music, dance, and drama performances by the locals, including the well-known Edonga dance, will be presented to you during your cultural tour to one of the nearby Karamajong communities.


Explore the beauty of mount Napak 2024  : Bird Watching at Mount Napak.

Mount Napak is one of the best places in Uganda for bird viewing. The virgin-wild environment known for its uncommon bird species and turned the Napak area into a haven for birders. Within this mountains, there are labeled path  that provide opportunities for bird watching such species include  rare Ostriches, which can also be found in Kidepo National Park, and the Karamoja Apalis, which is  distinctive to the northeastern region of Uganda.

Explore the beauty of mount Napak 2024  : Game viewing at Mount Napak

Given the difficulty of accessing trails, viewing games can be difficult; but, with a strong 4X4 vehicle, the trails are doable. Mount Napak which is located within the Pian Upe wildlife reserve which requires a minimum of 3 days to thoroughly explore the game in the reserve. This is one of the best experience while in the Uganda wildlife safari which provides them traveler with a great opportunities spot the wildlife found in the mountain. The game reserve is still unexploited and has few visitors, which increases your chance of viewing and give full package of game drive safari for wildlife. Game drives in the morning and evening are the best times to see most animals.

Traveler on Uganda wildlife safari to Pian Upe wildlife game reserve will have a great opportunity to explore the great nature of mount Napak, you will also get to interact with the local community and get to know how they associate with their way of living.  The mountain has been rated as the most stunning and experiential of all the hiking sites in the Karamoja region. At the top of Mount Napak, you will catch and see some of the most stunning sunsets compared to anywhere else in Uganda. This indeed is one of the best places to enjoy a safari in Uganda. There are several accommodations around in the form of hotels and lodges so you’re sorted

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