Facts About Tarangire National Park : Tarangire national park is located in the Northern region of Uganda  and touring around this region gives you chances to also opt to visit in other game parks like; Lake Manyara national park, Serengeti national park, Ngorongoro conservation area. More so, there so many facts those tourists planning to visit on their Tanzania safari should know and these include;

Interesting facts about Tarangire National park.

·       Tarangire national park is dominated and surrounded with a good vegetation cover such as; acacia trees, baobab trees which are scattered in different areas, sausage trees, and swamps which act a source of water and all these act as good natural habitats to many wildlife species and birds. More so, all the trees and plant species in the park are of a great value to the Maasai people and other pastoralists tribes whereby they are used as medicine to cure many diseases.

·       In Tarangire national park, there is Tarangire River, which acts as a source of water where many wildlife animals are usually spotted while they gather to drink water.

·       The Tanzania National park Authority whose role is to conserve and protect all the national parks in the country is managing Tarangire National park. More so, this organization is also responsible for the park fees that are always charged at the entrance and while doing some activities among others.

·       Tourists should also note that the best time to visit within this national park is during the dry season which is between months of June to October when less rainfalls are received hence the vegetation within the park being short which helps individuals to capture classic views of the park compared to the wet season when the trails are always sleeperly hence making it difficult for tourists who engage into activities like hiking and it is also hard to see wildlife species during this season because they always tend to hide.

·       More so, tourists planning to travel to tarangire national park can choose to use either road transport which can be accessed using the road from Arusha or opt for air transport more especially for those individuals who would love to skip the long trips they can book their domestic flights or chartered flights from Julius Nyerere international airport or from Kilimanjaro international airport which leads you to tarangire airstrip or Kuro airstrip.

Tourist Attractions in Tarangire National park.

Tarangire national park has so many tourist attractions which lead individuals to travel from all over many different parts of the world to visit the park and some of these attractions include; this park is a home to over many wildlife species which tourists can always see such as; lions, leopards, elands, kudu, baboons, impalas, fringe eyed oryx, wildebeest, buffalos, zebras, gazelles, elephants, giraffes among others which are best spotted while on the game drives which are usually conducted in different sessions like; morning, afternoon and evening. More so, there are a variety bird species which can be spotted while touring around the park such as; yellow-necked spur fowl, ostriches, Kori bustard, guinea fowl, bee-eaters, plovers, starlings, crested francolin, striped swallows, lilac-breasted, bateleur eagles, vultures among others. More so, in this national park there are the is the Maasai people who have special things to learn about their culture and traditions and many others.

Activities to do in Tarangire National Park.

Exploring around Tarangire national park gives you great opportunities to engage in several activities such as; game viewing, bird watching where they are able to see very many beautiful birds, cultural visits, guided nature walks where they enjoy the scenic views of the park and they are always accompanied with park guides whose role is to lead them through different trails, game drives and many others.

Where to Stay in Tarangire National Park.

In Tarangire National park, there are so many accommodation facilities where tourists can always stay after their long day. However, these safari lodges are ranged differently for example from; budget, mid-range and luxury. And these lodging facilities include; Tarangire sopa lodge, Tarangire safari lodge, Tarangire baobab tented camp, Nyikani tarangire camp, sanctuatry swala camp, Tarangire simba lodge and many others.

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