17 Strange Facts about Mountain Gorillas that you need to know

facts about mountain gorillas : When you choose to go to Uganda for mountain gorilla trekking, its recommended to always find out a few facts about these endangered gentle giants. In this article, we point out some of the facts about mountain gorillas that every traveler out to know.

17 Facts about Mountain Gorillas

1. The total population of mountain gorillas left in the world in estimated to be about 850. Half of this number lives in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda.

2. Mountain gorillas are said to have over 98.5% DNA similar to that of humans

3. Mountain gorillas are the largest primates on earth. They weight spans up to 390 pounds for males and half about 240 – 250 for female gorillas.

4. Mountain gorillas do have the same emotions as humans. They can laugh when you tickle them and also cry when you hurt them.

5. These primates eat about 49 pounds of vegetables a day for males and females eat slightly lower than that.

6. Gorillas hardly drink water. they usually hydrate from eating plants.

7. Their baby beds are formed by vines leaves and branches.

8. A newly born mountain gorilla averages a weight of approximately 4.5 pounds.

9. They gorillas live in groups that might have over 20 members. These troops usually last for over 20 years.

10. Gorillas often use their four limbs to walk. They hardly use their during all their mobility

11. Mountain gorillas do not have tails.

12. These primates are extremely intelligent. Habituated gorillas can use sign language to interact with humans.

13. Gorillas construct nests for sleeping each evening and once in a while build one for their afternoon naps.

14. When a male gorilla grows old, its hair of the back eventually becomes silver. This is where the word “Silverback” is derived from.

15. Gorillas can live up to 54 years of age.

16. Female gorillas approach their a breeding stages after  about 10 years.

17. Females usually give birth after 4 – 5 years with an estimated gestation period of eight to nine months.

Mountain gorillas are very interesting primates. Above are some of those interesting facts that you should know about mountain gorillas.

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