Frequently asked questions About Safaris : Safaris are very exciting times for one to go away and enjoy the wild, but though they are exciting they are also sometimes scary so persons going for particular safaris with have a lot of questions about particular safaris.

Well to help you answer some of the burning questions, here is a list of frequently asked questions to give you a head start.

  1. Do I need to learn Kiswahili before I travel to East Africa?

All East African countries speak English as the official language so most people in the countries can express themselves in English. And in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo some people even speak French, so you have the option of French. Instances of where the locals only speak their language, interpreters are always available to help you. In a nutshell. You don’t need to learn Kiswahili however you can learn for fun or for your own sake.

  1. Do I need a visa for each East African country?

Yes and No. If you are visiting Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda, you can use the East African Visa for all three countries. For Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo though you will need different visas. So keep that in mind.

Frequently asked questions About Safaris
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  1. Can I drive with my permit in any East African country?

Especially for persons wanting to have self drive safaris this is a key question. Well some international permits are accredited for driving in different East African countries but to be on safe side, consult the concerned authorities and your tour operator for more information.

  1. How soon or how in advance should I make my safari bookings?

As the saying goes the earlier the better, we advise you make your safari bookings as soon as you can, it really helps to get you ready and get everything in order. However if you are held up with time or find yourself deciding about the safari last minute. You can book a week in advance that give you and your tour operator ample time to get everything in order.

  1. 3 days, 5 days or more day’s safari, which is gives you a more comprehensive safari?

Even if they gave you a whole lifetime, you would never exhaust the beauty of East Africa, its just too vast, you need to explore it over and over again to get really that in depth beauty in. The locals of the region have also failed to explore the land fully so we don’t think you can. That said, you can however, have plan to have a particular safari comprehensively according to your resources and time you have. Some safaris can be done in 3 days others in more, but if you narrow down one you will have an easier time deciding how many days you will take in your safari.

Frequently asked questions About Safaris
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  1. How much money should I carry for my safari?

First of all in this digital era, we advise that you carry you money on visa cards or any electronic system, you really don’t need to carry cash. So the question here is how much should you budget for or to spend on your wildlife safari. That is totally up to you and the kind of safari you are going for. Budget, mid range or luxury, Frequently asked questions About Safaris

  1. How much luggage should I carry for my safari?

This is a tricky question, we don’t know how much you want to carry or how much you can use in one trip. However the advise we can give you is carry what is comfortable for you, but mind about all the movement you will be doing on your safari so don’t over do it.

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