Getting a Gorilla Trekking Permit in Rwanda

Getting a gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda is not a hectic process given that you follow the prescribes procedures in trying to acquire one. Rwanda is one of the 3 gorilla trekking countries with the mountain gorillas located in Volcanoes National Park. A Rwanda gorilla trekking permit is a license form issued to visitors interested in Rwanda mountain gorillas, allowing them to be guided through the gorilla jungle.  A Rwanda gorilla permit comprises of a booking reference number, product, Visiting date, visitor’s name, Passport details and most importantly the permit number. It’s only valid for a single person and to be used only for a given booked date.

Getting a gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda

Unlike the other 2 gorilla trekking countries, Uganda and Congo, Rwanda double increased her gorilla permits making her an upmarket gorilla destination. When getting a gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda one has to know that a single Rwanda Gorilla permit costs US$1,500 for all nationalities including foreign non-residents, East African citizen and foreign residents. Visitors can get discounts on gorilla permits at 30% which is US$ 1,050 per person if they visit the other 2 Rwanda national parks including Nyungwe national park and Akagera national park for 3 days and more only during the low season of November to May. For visitors attending conferences staying pre and post MICE events also get gorilla permits at a discounted price of 15% that is US$1,275. Visitors interested in trekking the entire gorilla family privately get gorilla permits at the cost of US$ 15,000 per person and they are provided with an exclusive personalized tour guide service. For visitors interested in Behind the scenes, gorilla permits cost US$ 30,000 for a minimum of 3 visitors. 

Also when getting a gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda, one needs to know that they are issued by the Rwanda Development Board which is a government body that is responsible for all tourist attractions of RwandaRwanda gorilla tour can be obtained in basically 2 ways. The first option is by booking a gorilla permit directly through the Rwanda Development board. However, booking gorilla permits directly through the government authority may tend to be difficult, so I would recommend seeking help from a tour operator (Achieve Global Safaris) to simplify the process on your behalf. Hence making this a second option of booking a gorilla permits. Achieve Global Safaris offers this service to visitors and we will help you to include this in your trip price.

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