Griffin Falls Camp  : Griffin falls is located along Jinja road in the well-known Mabira forest. Griffin is a beautiful and attractive area to visit, a Uganda safari tour to this place no matter what you like or interested in you can never cease out of ways to enjoy the beautiful scenery

After a 30 minutes’ walk through the rain forest you reach Namusa hills possibly for an overnight stay or maybe a better hike can be considered.

This amazing lovely camp is just along the high way and 10km off it, after the great experience in the forest, you start to feel fresh.

Uganda tours continues to give a brief bass of foundation for griffin falls camp site: the famous camp is owned by the Mabira forest integrated community organization (MAFICO), a non-government organist ion (NGO). The aim of this organization is to improve the livelihood and welfare of the communities by conserving the environment through it.

Things to do at Griffin Falls Camp – Mabira Forest

Forest Nature Walks

Uganda safari tours at Griffin Falls Camp give a great experience of forest walks with well-trained tour guides who have a skilled level about the forest, walk movements along the beautiful and adventurous trek able trails refresh your minds and give you a positive energy.

Griffin Falls Camp
Forest Nature Walks

While walking through this lovely forest,  it’s hard not to at least run into  one of the 3 species of monkey native to the forest on your 30 minute walk to  griffin, rich population of birds which gives birders a great chance to have good birding experience and butterflies and giant lovely trees are all glanced.

Mangabey Trekking:

Mabira forest is one of the only unique tropical rain forests in Uganda where one can sight mangabey monkeys. These can be seen as well as on nature walks through the forest.

Mangabey trekking is so easily carried because  tour guides know how they feed, sleep plus their nature of habitat. Mangabey is one of the rarest species of primates in few tropical rain forests of Uganda a family between chimps and monkeys.

While on  Uganda safari tour to griffin  falls camp, grey mangabey are supper rare and it’s in  the forest where one can get to see them these great old world’s rarest monkeys in trees playing and dwelling relative baboon. In 2007, biologists say identified this species of monkey as unique to Uganda.

Zip Lining:

Zip lining is an action-filled recreational activity that involves riding a steel cable on a protective seat or a belt between two points and generally on a valley that exhibits spectacular sceneries. Origin of zip lining is highly practical and used in the Himalayas and Alps as a way of transportation and observation in Costa Rica without disturbing the natural environment. Zip lining as a recreational activity is fairly new; it is around since the late 20th century. This is a FUN activity for the day.

Zip Lining at Griffin Falls Camp starts at 8:00 am to 1:00pm and from 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Environmental Studies:

While on the Uganda safari tour you will be taught more and much better as u even view what exactly is being spoke about for example the trunks of trees used for back cloth making and your shown the tree used for it, the springs of water through the forests as shown by the safari guide. So much to and see on the environmental study to griffin falls, just imagine fun and education as a combination what do you think the results will look like? Just can’t imagine.

Onto the corner, at griffin camp you’re enabled to improve your aiming skills as well as having fun. The games involved as far as archery is concerned are applicable from individual level to a large group while on Uganda Safaris.

Maybe just to let you know, for many years tropical rain forests have been known as sources of firewood, charcoal, timber, wild meat, but now they have become major tourist destinations for recreational activities and ARCHERY being one of them!

Archery at Griffin Falls Camp:

Archery is a sporting activity which involves the use of Bows and Arrows with an Aim of Targets. Archery at Griffin Falls Camp can be done at an individual level to a large group

There a number of activities which are involved in Archer and these include the following.

  1. Quick fire
  2.  Elimination game
  3.  Moving target.
Griffin Falls Camp

Team Building:

Teambuilding activities at Griffin falls Camp are designed to motivate people to work together, encourage collaboration, develop their strengths and address their weaknesses rather than creating competition. Such activities are good for families, couples friends and guess what they also join enemies too.

Griffin’s falls camp has a conducive environment for individual and corporate teambuilding ground these activities are tailored to suit the demands and challenges that are experienced in the day today management of corporate in Uganda. Both full and half day team building programs depending on the clients wish are offered. Some of the Activities involved in Team building  at Griffin Falls Camp in Mabira Forest include the following;

  1. Spider web challenge
  2. mine field
  3. helium stick
  4. Untie the Knot,
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