Horse Riding in Jinja

Horse Riding in Jinja is an interesting activity where visitors get an opportunity to explore the banks of River Nile which is the longest river in the whole world, tea plantations, sugar plantations, hills, some animals, birds among others. Horse riding in Jinja is run by Nile Horseback Safaris a company that is owned by an Australian expatriate. The Nile horseback safaris has healthy, trained, experienced and schooled horses where each horse has a mounting block, saddlebag, rain jacket and also know what is required to do so as to give you a safe and calm ride depending on your level of experience and also has ponies for kids of 4 to 10 years.

Horse Riding in Jinja

The Nile horseback safaris company only allows riders who cannot exceed 90 kgs to participate in horse riding for the safety of the riders and the health of the horses. Horse riding in Jinja has four sessions, for example, the morning session which starts at 10 am, the afternoon session which starts at 2 pm and the sunset session which starts at 4 pm and the overnight session for the experienced riders and each session allows a maximum of 6 people per sessions. Both the morning and the afternoon sessions start with a briefing where the inexperienced riders are given training on how to control a horse, therefore, the beginners and inexperienced riders should not worry about horse riding safari in Jinja. Each horse riding session in Jinja has given two guides the one who leads the horse riding activity and another one who follows from behind to ensure that no one gets any difficult while riding. 

During horse riding in Jinja, you will be able to view the village life of the surrounding communities, have beautiful views of River Nile, the hills, farmlands in the neighboring communities, tea plantations, sugar plantations, bird species, antelopes among others, mongoose and monkeys which can be seen on a lucky day. Kids who want to participate in horse riding activity in Jinja, Nile horseback safaris arranges ponies for them for short rides of 30 minutes and the long rides of one hour for the experienced kid riders. When kids are riding the ponies there are guides who will be monitoring them so as to ensure their safety.

Riders who want to participate in overnight or multiday horse riding safari, the activity only requires a minimum of two people therefore in order for the overnight or multiday horse riding activity to take place the rider has to be two and it also requires the experienced riders because riding goes through the strenuous and challenging trails.

Cost of horse riding in Jinja

The rates of horse riding activity in Jinja vary depending on the time spent while riding on the horseback for example 

  • 1-hour horse riding costs $40 per person
  • 1.5 hours of horse riding costs $50 per person
  • 2 hours of horse riding costs $60 per person
  • 3 hours of horse riding costs $90 per person
  • 90 minutes overnight horse ride costs $60 per person 
  • 30 minutes kids pony ride costs UGX 70,000 per kid
  • 1-hour kid pony ride costs UGX 120,000 per kid

The overnight horse ride in Jinja allows a minimum of two people and comes with a package that includes boat transportation from the campsite, beer, juice, sodas, and local spirits. 

How to book for a horse riding permit in Jinja 

Horse riding permits in Jinja can either be booked directly by contacting Nile horseback safaris on email or telephone calls or you can book through a trusted tour operator like Achieve Global Safari. When contacting us you will inform us of the date, month, age, number of people who want to participate in horse riding, length of the ride, weight, and session for horse riding. we will then check the availability of the permit and ask you to make a deposit. After the deposit has been made we will acquire a horse riding permit for you. 

However, horse riding permits in Jinja should be booked in advance so as to avoid disappointments because there are limited horses and guides in Nile horseback safaris.

What to pack for your horse riding safari in Jinja

  • Long sleeved shirt and trousers
  • Comfortable closed shoes
  • Camera to take photos
  • Bottle of drinking water
  • Cream to protect your skin from direct sunshine while riding
Horse Riding in Jinja
Community Tour – Horse Riding in Jinja

Other activities in Jinja

Jinja is one of the most visited towns in Uganda that has a wide range of attractions and activities that visitors can engage in apart from horse riding and they include

  • White water rafting, white water rafting is an interesting activity on River Nile where visitors ride in a small raft filled with air with an experienced guide on River Nile. White water rafting gives you an opportunity to experience the beautiful scenery, warm water, sunshine, water rapids, River channels, islands among others which give you fascinating and lifetime memories on your safari in Uganda.
  • Bungee jumping, bungee jumping is an activity where your body or ankle is tied with your face looking down and then jump from a raised structure down to the river. Bungee jumping is an adventurous and new activity that has been introduced at River Nile which makes River Nile one of the destinations that carry out bungee jumping in Africa. Bungee jumping on River Nile can only be carried out by individuals who are 13 years and above and allows a minimum weight of 35kgs and 260kgs.
  • Kayaking, this is an interesting activity where visitors ride in a slow kayak boat as they explore the source of the Nile, surrounding communities, farmlands, islands among others.
  • Quad biking, Quad biking is an activity at the source of the Nile where visitors explore the destination while riding a bike. Quad biking begins with a briefing and training lessons about how you will ride, managing it while on the road, changing the gears, remaining on the tracks among others. During quad biking at the source of the Nile you will get an opportunity to explore the forests, tea and sugar plantations, river banks where you will be able to see kids swimming, tour the local villages, view bird species, some animals among others.
  • Sportfishing, River Nile is one of the destinations that allow visitors to participate in sport fishing. There are sessions for sport fishing activity, for example, the morning, afternoon and full-day sport fishing, therefore, visitors who want to participate in sport fishing are advised to book in advance for the activity. Sportfishing gears are provided while at the site and you are also allowed to bring your own equipment in case you want. During sport fishing you will be able to catch different fish species such as Nile perch, catfish, tilapia, tigerfish among others.
  • Jet boating, jet boating is an exceptional activity where you cruise on River Nile with a motorized high-speed boat and a trained guide. Jet boating is an adventurous activity on River Nile where you will enjoy hitting of the rapids, jumps, turns, spins among others.
  • Swimming, River Nile is a great destination for swimming in that it has no records of bilharzia, free from dangerous water animals like the hippos and crocodiles and other infectious diseases which makes it safe and great for swimming.

How to get to Jinja 

Jinja is located in the southeastern part of Uganda, east of Kampala city. When going to Jinja for horse riding from Kampala you will drive on Jinja highway through Mabira forest and then to Jinja town which takes about 2 hours’ drive if there is no jam in Kampala but if there is jam time taken will be more than 2 hours.

Horse riding in Jinja is an interesting and adventurous activity that gives you extraordinary experiences on your safari in Uganda therefore it should be the number one activity to participate in on your safari.

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