How Do I Prepare For A Trip To Uganda? Uganda is rich blessed country, which is surrounded by beautiful nature, wonderful wildlife species such as; lions, African Elephants, hippos, Rhinos, leopards and many others, which are, found in different places and have attracted many tourists to visit this country hence leading a great development towards the tourism industry of Uganda. more so, Uganda has stunning water bodies such as; Lake Victoria, lake Kyoga, lake Albert and River Nile which is famously known as the largest river in the country and it also well known for having a very good warm climate compared to the climate in other countries.

Uganda is also considered to be the best destination where one could ever opt to go and have the best adventurous new experience because it has around 10 national parks and the unique part about these is that they have different and interesting attractions and they are situated in different locations which helps tourists to explore more in many parts of Uganda where they get to learn new things. Therefore, some of these parks include; Murchison falls national park, which is known to be the largest, Bwindi impenetrable national park, semuliki national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Mgahinga Gorilla national park, Kibale national park, Semuliki national park and many others. more so, this country has many beautiful hotels and lodges where tourists  touring around the country can always have their stay and these lodging facilities include; Munyonyo common wealth resort, Serena hotel, skyz hotel, protea hotel, fairway hotel and many others.  However, for tourists who are always planning to travel to Uganda on a safari should always first consult and get more knowledge about what is needed while on a trip in Uganda.

Uganda Travel Tips.

Travel documents.

Individuals planning to travel to Uganda on a safari Tour should first make sure that their passport is still valid and then go ahead to book for their trip. More so, they carry along all their travel documents like; a valid visa and passport, valid international driving license which they will be required to represent in case they want to drive on the road and they also advised to purchase an insurance which helps them a lot during any time of emergency while on their trip for example; when they need any medical attention and in case of any accidents.

Yellow fever Vaccines.

More so, tourists planning to travel to Uganda from another country should make sure that they have a yellow vaccine certificate, which they will be asked to represent as soon as they arrive in the country.


For individuals who are sick and anre planning to travel to Uganda on a safari should visit their medical doctors in order to prescribe enough mediaction that will be enough for them until the end of their trip. More so, these people are encouraged to always inform at least a few people about with an aim of getting quick medical attention in time in case of any problem while on their trip.

Safari clothes.

Tourists are also encouraged to park both light and heavy clothes like; long sleeved shirts and blouses, long trousers, a cap, and a sweater, sun glasses and good strong hiking boots most especially for those who want to explore and tour around the national parks because these areas tend to be busy and the boots are good mostly during the hiking. More so, tourists are also encouraged to wear dull colors such as; grey black, brown, army green in order to avoid any harm from the wildlife species while walking within the park.

How Do I Prepare For A Trip To Uganda?
Gorilla Trekking Safari

Apart from the mentioned above, there are many things people should know as they prepare themselves to travel to Uganda and these include;

  • Tourists should carry along with enough money with them, which they are sure will take them through until their trip ends.
  • These individuals should be aware to watch over each other and their property most especially when they are within the big cities and town in Uganda because there are plenty number of thieves.
  • More so, they are advised to make their reservations in all places they are planning to visit and where to stay while on their trip in advance in order to avoid any kind of inconveniences.
  • Tourists should rent a car from a car rental company and book a driver in case they need one to always be available to lead them through as they move around enjoying the beautiful landscapes of Uganda.
  • Tourists who plan to stay long on their trip in Uganda are advised to purchase a local sim card in order to ease means of communication and the network.
  • They can also download a language app which will always help to translate for them in case they get interact with people who only speak in local languages which they do not understand and this helps both people to understand each other and also enables one to get what they wanted.
  • Furthermore, for those have their best interest to engage in interesting activities like; chimpanzee trekking and Gorilla trekking they are encouraged to book their permits with our trusted tours and travel company.
  • Individuals who would to drive on the roads in Uganda while on their trip, they are advised to observe, understand and follow all the road signs on the road.

Contact our trusted tour operators in case of any more information about how one should prepare themselves while planning to come to Uganda on a trip and Book with our tours and travel companies such as; Achieve Global safaris who offer the best tour packages while on a Uganda safari tour

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