How Many Lakes Are In Uganda : Uganda is a country blessed with a very beautiful nature and it is ranked to be one of the most great lakes region in Africa. Therefore, the landscape of Uganda is occupied with around 165 beautiful water bodies, which include; fresh water lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and other crater lakes among others. In addition, the following below are some of the top lakes that are found in the country.

Lake Victoria.

Lake Victoria is famously known as the largest lake in the country, which covers a total surface area of about 59,947 square kilometers. more so, apart from just in Uganda it is also considered to the world’s second largest fresh water body that crosses in more than in two countries for example; this lake occupies 6% covering a surface area of about 4,100 square kilometers, 45% in Uganda and in 49% in Tanzania where it covers a total surface area of about 33,700 square kilometers among others.

Lake Edward.

Lake Edward is ranked to be the 15th largest lake on the African continent covering a total surface area of about 2,325 square kilometers, which is located within the Albertine rift in the western branch of the East African rift. This lake shares boarders with other countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo and it is a northern shore, which is found a few kilometers away from the south part of the Equator. Lake Edward lies on an area on an elevation of 920 meters(3,020 feet) and it about 40 kilometers long.

Lake Albert.

Lake Albert is the seventh largest lake in Africa and it is considered the second biggest lake in Uganda. This lake is also about 160 kilometers long and about 30 kilometers wide. More so, Lake Albert is situated in an elevated area of above 619 meters (2,031 feet) above the sea level and it is about 51 meters deep and about 19ml wide.

Lake Kyoga.

Lake Kyoga is famously known to be the swampiest and shallow lake in Uganda, which covers a total surface area of about 1,720 square kilometers and is at elevated area of about 1,033 meters above the sea level. More so, this lake is about 5.7 meters deep and it is surrounded with many papyrus reeds and covered with water lilies.

Lake Gorge.

Lake Gorge, which is also commonly referred to as Lake Dweru, covers a total surface area of about 250 square kilometers and it is counted to be part of Africa’s lake system however, unfortunately, it is not ranked to be among the great lakes. More so, this lake is drained from Lake Edward through the Kazinga Channel.

Lake Bunyonyi.

Lake Bunyonyi, which is also known as, a place of many little birds, is located in the Southwestern region of Uganda between districts like; Kabale and Kisoro. More so, it is close to boarder of Rwanda. Lake Bunyonyi is one of the deep lakes in the country due to the fact it is about 900 meters deep which also makes it to be known as the second deepest lake in Africa after Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania. More so, this lake is famously known to be among the best birding destinations in the country whereby tourists exploring around this can be able to spot bird species such as; grey shrike, swamp flycatcher, black headed weaver, great cormorant, fan tailed widow bird, pied wagtail, pin tailed where, grey shrike, grey crowned crested crane, chested bee-eater, specked mouse bird, cinnamon, grey crowned crested crane, bronze manikin and many others.

How Many Lakes Are In Uganda
Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Nabugabo.

Lake Nabugabo is one of the smallest freshwater bodies found in the county. More so, this lake located in Masaka district within the central region of the country and it is known to be a satellite lake of Lake Victoria because it is about 4 kilometers away from the lakeshores of Victoria.

How Many Lakes Are In Uganda : Lake Wamala.

Lake Wamala is famously known to be a traditional lake and cultural significance to the people of Buganda within the central region of Uganda. More so, this lake is a fresh water whereby its wetlands act as good natural habitats to many bird species such as; Sitatunga, which is commonly referred to as in “enjobe” in Luganda language. Lake Wamala covers a total surface area of about 250 square kilometers.

How Many Lakes Are In Uganda : Lake Kwania.

Lake Kwania is one the lakes in Uganda that covers a total surface area of about 540 square kilometers found in Lira district within the Northern region in Uganda. This lake has a large part of a wetland, which is situated along the White Nile between Lake Victoria and Lake Albert.

However, apart from the mentioned above, there are many other lakes in the country which tourists can visit and these include; LaKe Opeta which is located in the Eastern region of the country, lake Mutanda, the Kabakas lake, lake katwe which is famously known as a salt lake, Lake Kayumba, lake Lyantonde, lake Karengye, lake Nakivali, Lake Ruhondo, Lake Kachira and many others.

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