How Much Is A Boat Cruise On Murchison? Murchison Falls National park is located in the Northern part of Uganda in Masindi district and it is considered to be the largest National park the country among all other the nine game parks. This national park covers a total surface area of about 3,840 square kilometers and it is under the management of the Uganda wildlife Authority who have their major role to protect all the conservation areas with wildlife animals and antiquities in the game parks. Murchison falls national park was first gazetted as a game reserve in 1926 and it was later officially established as national park in 1952 hence marking it to be one of the oldest national parks in Uganda.

More so, Murchison falls national park derived its name from the Murchison falls that lie within the park, which were also named after Sir Roderick Murchison who happens to be the president of the Royal Geographical society. However, in 1970 has the former president of Uganda known as Idi Amin Dada named the falls as Kabarega just after the king of Bunyoro kingdom? However, later in 1979, the park was again called Murchison after the downfall of the king.

Exploring in Murchison falls national park blesses with great opportunities to have a successful adventurous tour because you get chances to see many beautiful wildlife species due to the fact that it is a home to over 76 mammal species such as; bush elephants, leopards, lions, buffalos, hippos, giraffes, duikers, elands, Nile crocodiles, chimpanzees, zebras, and primate species like; red-tailed monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys among others. more so, this national park is a good destination for bird lovers to visit because it harbours around 451 bird species which include; Abyssinian ground hornbill, blue headed coucal, blue headed lapwing, long tailed night jar, black billed barbet, giant king fisher, rock pratincole, Senegal thick knee and many others.

Boat cruise on Murchison.

Boat cruise on Murchison falls is one the interesting activities that individuals enjoy and it is always a must on the to do list of individuals exploring in Uganda on a Uganda wildlife safari however, the boat cruise activities on Murchison falls national park offers tourists about two types of boat cruise experiences where tourists learn and capture classic views and enjoy a beautiful moment while breathing in the fresh air in the atmosphere.

Therefore these two types include; the Boat cruise downstream to the bottom of the fall and these launch trips always begin from Paraa dock landing areas to sails down towards the upstream near the falls and they are best done during the morning hours at 9 :00am and usually go for about 3 hours. More so, these launch trips are always exciting because tourists due to ride through amidst the Nile beauty and they are also able to sight see at very many beautiful wildlife species such as; hippos while floating on water, warthogs, crocodiles, elephants while they shower on the river banks and bird lovers can get to over at different bird in the sky such as; the rare shoebill stork, kingfishers and the cormorants among others. Alternatively, either, tourists can opt to for the boat cruise upstream to the Albert Delta, which always starts from Paara, and these launch trips are best done during in the evening hours at around 5:00pm. These launch trips are also commonly referred to as the “Sun downers” because it creates a romantic scene where tourists always capture classic views of the equatorial sunset which reflects its rays on the river. And these evening launch trips always go for about 4 to 5 hours and tourists get to see very many bird species like; African Quali finch, Malachite, Giant king fishers, the red throated bee-eater, the northern red bishop.

How Much Is A Boat Cruise On Murchison?
Boat Cruise in Murchison Falls National Park

However, apart from the boat cruise activities, tourists exploring in Murchison falls national park can also get chances to explore in many other interesting activities such as; Guided nature walks, sport fishing, bird watching, game drives, hiking to the top of the falls, cultural encounters, community visits, Abyssinian ground hornbill, goliath Heron and many others.

How much is Boat Cruise on Murchison.

Boat cruise activities in Uganda are always charged on fixed prices and the Uganda Wildlife Authority is the one that is responsible for the setting up prices. Therefore, the Nile boat cruise is charged at a fee of about 30 USD per person whereby the Delta boat cruise is charged at a fee of about 40 USD per person. And during the launch trips, tourists are always encouraged to follow some rules and guidelines such as; they are encouraged to keep on their life jackets in case of any accident they can prevent them from drowning, they advised to balance the boat whereby some can stand at the front and the others at the back in order to balance the boat and avoid drinking alcohol while on these launch trips among others.

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