How Much Is Gorilla Trekking In The DRC? : Gorilla trekking activities is of top tourist activities that attract large numbers of people to travel from all over different parts of the world with an aim of trekking the endangered mountain gorillas where they are located hence creating a lot towards the tourism industry in the country. The Democratic Republic of Congo is the best place to go to while on a Gorilla trekking safari however, the DRC shared boarders with other countries like; Rwanda and Uganda which are also famously known to be among the best destinations in Africa where gorilla trekking activities are best done and due to the fact that they share boarders, this gives gorillas freedom to cross over as they move from country to another.

Cost of Gorilla Trekking in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Tourists planning on travelling on a Gorilla trekking safari in Africa specifically within the Democratic Republic of Congo are encouraged that they need to purchase their gorilla trekking permits which are charged at a cost of about 400 USD per person and it is known that this is the only destination that has a discounted budget for the Gorilla trekking permits  because for example in Uganda a gorilla trekking permit is charged at a fee of about 700 USD per person while in Rwanda it costs about 1500 USD per person. Therefore, considering the DRC as the cheapest destination for the trekking.

Where to go for Gorilla trekking in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

How Much Is Gorilla Trekking In The DRC : Virunga National park.

Virunga National park is considered one of the best destinations in the country where tourists can go for Gorilla trekking because it is a home to over 300 endangered mountain gorilla species and it is all surrounded with montane and tropical rain forests, which act as good natural habitats to the mountain gorillas. Virunga national park covers a total surface area of about 7800 square kilometers and stands at an elevation of about 5000 meters above the sea level, which makes more a good place for the endangered mountain gorilla species because they prefer staying in places with high altitudes.

Virunga national park also has around 8 habituated gorilla groups/ families which are always available to be trekked and some of these include; Bageni, Kabirizi, Mapuwa, Humba, Munyanga, Rugendo, Lulengo, Nyakamwe. And Gorilla trekking activities within this national park always begin at 7:00am in the morning but tourists are always encouraged to arrive at the park headquarters at least one hour before where they first go through a registration process and  also be briefed about some of the rules and regulations they should follow during the trekking such as; to avoid eating and drinking while in the presence of the species, avoid maintaining a direct eye contact with the gorilla species most especially the silverbacks, to keep a distance of about 7 meters between them and the species in order to avoid any harm, they are also advised to lower the tone of the voices while near or within the national park. later individuals are being put in groups with a maximum number of 8 people depending on which gorilla group they are going to trek and each of these groups is being assigned to with a park guide whose role is to guide and lead the tourists through different trails and ensure about the safety of both tourists and the animal species.

How Much Is Gorilla Trekking In The DRC?
Gorilla Trekking Safari

How Much Is Gorilla Trekking In The DRC : Kahuzi Beiga National park.

Kahuzi Beiga National park is famously known to be the largest national park within the Democratic Republic of Congo and it commonly visited because it is a home to over 3800 Eastern Lowland mountain gorilla species which are bigger and large in size compared to any other mountain gorilla species that are spotted within the park and they are declared to be endangered by the International Union for conservation of Nature.

More so, Kahuzi Beiga National park is also a home to over 12 habituated gorilla species and around 5 habituated gorilla groups that are always available to be trekked and these gorilla families include; Chimanuka, Mpugwe, Bonnani, Nganwa, Mugaruka among others. Therefore, Gorilla trekking in Kahuzi Beiga National park goes for about 2 to 6 hours depending on where the gorilla species are located and after they are tracked, the trekkers are always given about one hour to spend with the species.  and it is during that period of time that tourists get to learn a lot about the behaviours and characters of the species such as; they get to watch how they eat and also feed their young ones and many others.

More so, tourists should note that the best time to travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo for Gorilla trekking activities is best during the dry season when there happens to be less rainfall and a short grass vegetation, which enables tourists to capture good classic views of all the beautiful features in the park.

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