Igongo Cultural Center: Ankole culture Reborn

Igongo Cultural Center: Ankole culture Reborn: The journey to Gorilla trekking destination of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga National Park is one of the long safari journeys taking about 9-10 hours of drive from Uganda’s Capital Kampala and hence in between visitors on  have to make some en route stopovers for refreshment, relaxation, body stretching and smokers can take this opportunity to have a cigarette.

Trekkers mainly depart Kampala for gorillas trekking experience in Bwindi or Mgahinga at 6:00am or 7:00am and thrilling lunch stopover is always made in Mbarara town and this town has two most places mainly used and we need to compare in this article.

Not so long, Agip Motel has been the most preferred place for visitors traveling from Kampala to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park where they have stopover for lunch, relaxation as well as easing themselves.

With the inception of Igongo Cultural Center, most travelers’ cars/vehicles are now separated on whether to have lunch stopover at Agip Motel or Igongo Cultural Center. The Competitive advantage of Igongo Cultural Center as a perfect a stop over to the travellers to Bwindi or Mgahinga is that, the Center has so many wonders for visitors to encounter and among these include a traditional museum which is considered to the finest or best in south western part of Uganda and Uganda at large.

This outstanding museum is very well organized and the site guides are experience and well informed about the unique cultures and ethnographic collections in this popular museum. Taking a short walk to explore this museum while on your lunch break is really very rewarding to any culture lover.

Igongo consists of various shops displaying and selling Africa art and crafts where travelers can buy curios from. Hence this implies that Igongo is a perfect stop shop for shopping, lunch and cultural tour as well as relaxation. The shops in the Center daily display bags, shirts as well as other eye catching items that attract visitors.

In addition to the above, Each and every weekend, Igongo Cultural center mainly organizes traditional parties for the Banyankole. The Center has gardens where cultural ceremonies take place. Therefore if anyone is interested in exploring a true wedding ceremony or give away ceremony, Igongo Cultural Center situated just 12kms to Mbarara town will make you ends meet.

The government is also establishing a bypass that bifurcates off after Igongo cultural to link with the Mbarara-Kasese main route as well as the high way from Mbarara-Kabale. This therefore Implies that Visitor’s vehicles or cars who wish to escape traffic jam in Mbarara town will opt to have lunch at Igongo cultural Center and then drive through the bypass to either Kasese or Kabale district. This automatically makes Igongo cultural Center a preferable stopover place than Agip Motel and other eating stopover places in regard to travelers driving Uganda’s Safari destinations like Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Mountain Rwenzori, among others.

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