Importance of Tourism in Uganda : Uganda the Pearl of Africa is known to be a land locked country surrounded by the beautiful nature and good climate compared to the other countries worldwide. This country is richly blessed and has many tourist attractions that lead to the increase of the number tourists travelling from all other parts of the world to Uganda. More so, Uganda is considered as the best destination one could travel while planning to go on a safari in Africa.

This country it being among the best top destinations to visit in Africa has over 10 national parks occupied with different attractions, 12 game reserves, 14 wildlife sanctuaries, wildlife species like; buffaloes, African elephants, mountain gorillas, lions, chimpanzees, leopards among others and beautiful water bodies like; lake Victoria, lake Kyoga, lake Albert and River Nile, water falls, tropical forests and mountains that act as homes to the wonderful wildlife species. Therefore, with all these tourist attractions in the country, it has led to many people planning a safari to opt to visit Uganda which has contributed a lot to the development of the tourism industry of Uganda and to mention but a few, there are so many importance’s of tourism in Uganda and these  include the following bellow;

Importance is of tourism in Uganda.

  • Tourism in Uganda has led to the great protection and conservation of wildlife species, the flora and fauna by gazetting the national parks with strong wired fences in order to restrict people entering these areas especially, this has also helped on reducing the poaching activities that are usually done in national parks like; Murchison falls national park, Bwindi Impenetrable national park, Queen Elizabeth National park, Mgahinga Gorilla national park, semuliki national park, Kibale national park, forest reserves and many more.
  • Uganda as a country has benefited from earning a foreign exchange due to the presence of multiple invisible exports, which are got from many tourists who visit the Uganda from other countries and continents. More so this income earned is always used to construct more health units and rehabilitate roads in order to ease the road means of transport hence leading to the development of the country.
  • Tourism in Uganda had also acted as a source of employment opportunities to many individuals who work in national parks as game rangers and park guides such as in Murchison falls national park. More so, to those people who work in hotels like Serena hotel and tours and travel companies among others. This has contributed a lot in improving people’s standards of living.

    Importance of Tourism in Uganda
    Murchison Falls National Park
  • More so, tourism has led to the development of improving the infrastructure within the country such as; accommodation facilities in various national parks such as lodges in Queen Elizabeth national park, mweya safari lodge in semuliki National park and the air fields like; the kasese air fields that helps to link queen Elizabeth national park, medical hospitals, and roads like the Kampala – Gulu- Kitugumu highway that helps you to access kidepo national park, Importance of Tourism in Uganda
  • Tourism has also led to improved international relationships whereby Uganda creates a bond with other countries like; Germany and Britain where people always travel from to Uganda while on a Uganda safari.
  • Tourism in Uganda has also led to the great development in the agriculture sector by supplying and marketing the products from various sectors like the source of River Nile. More so, it has also improved on the craft industry by providing more income and providing jobs to the people within the community hence improving their standards of living.
  • It has also promoted and led to the reflection of the cultural heritage of Uganda whereby tourists visit historical sites like; cultural sites in Kasubi tombs, Bigobyamugenyi and Uganda Museum in Kampala.
  • Tourism has led to the development if the government revenue through taxing tourist hotels and tourist transport companies and many more.
  • It has also let to the promotion and conservation of the natural environment through getting all the 10 National parks like Kidepo valley national park and the forest reserves within the country.
  • Tourism has also led the development of education in the country whereby most people are interested in making research in Botany and zoology and many others.
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