While you are thinking of seeing gorillas in Rwanda, there is a lot about Rwanda that you didn’t know and its so exciting. visit this country and you will live to tell. The Following are some of the things you didn’t know about Rwanda.

Kigali is Africa’s cleanest city

Plastic bags were banned in Rwanda and this is one of the major causes of Littering in Africa. There a community day for compulsory cleaning every month.

Rwanda has more than athousand hills

Although they call it a land of a thousand hill, there actually more than 1030 hills in Rwanda according to the estimated count from different individuals.

How fast the country has recovered from the 1994 genocide

Most international media portray the Genocide as some simple revolt. It was actually so horrific seeing more than 1 million people die in a space of about 3 months.

Gorilla conservation

When you visit Rwanda, you do not have to make another donation toward conservation, you have already done so. A percentage of every government revenue from tourism is given back to the community especially those that have been resettled from the park to ensure they do not go back.

Its easy to go gorilla tracking

Most people think gorilla trekking is such a difficult thing and thats why most of them ask all sorts of questions before they come here. Truth is , it is not as difficult as you think. Just put on you hiking book and come try it.

Golden Monkey Tracking

Gorillas are not the only endangered animals in Rwanda. ypu can also track the Golden monkeys that have the save fate at just USD 100


Rwanda is the tiny heart of Africa

It is placed to suit to be called the heart of Africa. It is bordered by Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania and DRC.

Best Coffee Brews

Tea and Coffee are Rwanda’s best and biggest exports – and that’s for a reason; they are delicious! Rwanda’s Coffee is low in tannins making it less bitter and great to taste without milk or anything else so you can properly savour its aroma and grate taste. Rwanda’s specialty coffee has won international awards and it’s no wonder that it is used by some of the biggest brands like Star backs and it doesn’t come cheap!

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