Is all primate trekking the same in Uganda : Primate trekking is one of the popular safari activities in Uganda. Uganda is known for being home to a number of primate species about 13 species in total. Not only is home to all those primates its home to the top three most famous primates in the region which are mountain gorillas, chimpanzees and golden monkeys.

These three primate species are most trekked of all the species. Though on a trekking experience of any of these species you will see and spend an hour with a different primate species most people argue that the experience is the same.

Well, mountain gorillas, chimpanzees and golden monkeys all stay in forested areas so you trek in a forest for all. Mountain gorillas stay in higher altitudes and mountainous areas well as chimpanzees and golden monkeys stay in lower altitudes of the forests.

Is all primate trekking the same in Uganda
Gorilla Trekking Safaris in Uganda

You should note though that these animals have several unique aspects of their own, it takes you to be in their presence to appreciate them in their uniqueness.

That said, below is a detailed description of each trekking experience for you to access if they are any different.

Mountain Gorilla trekking

Mountain gorilla trekking is the most popular primate trekking activity in the country. It is also the most adventurous and tiring trekking activity compared to the other trekking experiences. When trekking mountain gorillas you may spend the whole day in the forest trekking and one hour with the gorillas.  A typical mountain gorilla trekking day starts at 7am with a briefing at the park headquarters then after you head into the forest to look for the gorillas. You will spend about 3 to 5 hours finding the gorillas and when you find them you spend one hour with me before you trek back to park headquarters.

Chimpanzee trekking

Chimpanzees live in larger groups compared to mountain gorillas so you can spot them easily. Also they live in lower altitudes compared to the mountain gorillas, which means they are easier to find. The biggest population of chimpanzees in Uganda is found in Kibale National Park. On a chimpanzee trekking experience in this park you will be up early have a trekking brief at 7am and then after head to the forest for a trekking experience. You will canvas the forest for 2 to 3 hours looking for the chimps. When you find them you will spend an hour with them and after head back to the park headquarters.

Is all primate trekking the same in Uganda
Kibale Chimps

Golden monkey trekking

Golden monkey trekking is only done in Mgahinga National Park in south western Uganda. Like the two other trekking experiences, this is also a one day activity. Golden monkeys stay in lower altitudes of the Mgahinga terrains so you can easier find them in the forest. However because Mgahinga is quite mountainous trekking the terrains can be a little physically demanding so you should brace yourself. Golden monkey trekking starts in the early morning at 7am with a briefing at the park headquarters. After the briefing you then head to the forest to search for the golden monkeys. You may take about 1 to 2 hours trekking to the monkeys’ location and then spend one hour with the monkeys. You will then trek back to the park headquarters.

So, as you see from the detailing above; the trekking experiences are similar but the animals you spend an hour with are different. Hence we advise you try out all for a full primate experience but above all to get to know each primate species better and enjoy it in its absolute uniqueness.

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