Kabaka Sunna of Buganda kingdom in Uganda : Kabaka Ssuuna II – Kalema – Kasinjo – Mukaabya – Sekkyungwa – Muteesa – Sewankambo – Walugembe – Mig’ekyaamye – Lukeberwa – Kyetutumula – Magulunyondo – Luwambya – Omutanda – Sseggwanga was the 29th  (twenty ninth) king of the Buganda kingdom and served as king from 1832 to 1856.

Kabaka Sunna claiming the kingship throne

He was born around 1820 at Bujuuko Hill. His father was Kabaka Kamaanya – Kadduwamala, who served as a Kabaka of Buganda, from 1814 up to 1832 and his mother, was Nnamasole Nakkazi Kannyange and the twenty-third out of the thirty-eight wives Kabaka Kamaanya had. Upon his death in 1832, Ssuuna II took over the throne and established his sovereignty capital on top of Mulago.

Kabaka Ssuuna II’s interesting marriage life

Kabaka Suuna II carried on with the tradition of his grandfather, which actually was copied by Kabaka Kamaanya his father – the tradition of marrying a surprising high number of wives. Records show that Ssuuna II outdid his father and grandfather. It is said that he married more than one hundred forty eight (148) wives.

Kabaka Ssuuna II’s children

Because Kabaka Ssuuna II had so many wives, (over 148) it’s no surprise that he had very many children. According to some written documents, it shows that he had about two hundred and twenty one (221) children. According to that reference lists he named each of them and listed the names of the mothers to these children in most cases.

Kabaka Sunna of Buganda kingdom in Uganda
Kabaka Sunna of Buganda kingdom in Uganda

Kabaka Ssuuna II’s Rule as King

At the age of just twelve (12) years Ssuuna was crowned as king of the Buganda kingdom after his father Kabaka Kamaanya – Kadduwamala died in 1832. Kabaka Ssuuna was a very handsome young boy, who got his looks from his mother the Nnamasole Nakkazi Kannyange so they say one of the kingdom’s most beautiful ladies at the time. He started his reign as a popular king much loved by the people of the kingdom.

Fate to the Princes of Buganda

As years went by, Kabaka Ssuuna became more confident, and turned out arrogant and merciless. He actually gave himself so many names, which implied that he was superior, invincibility and overwhelming powers. Because of fear that his elder brothers would take over his throne, he ordered that all his brothers be executed and out of his total sixty brothers, fifty-eight died while the other two managed to escape the massacre. Some of those who escaped include;

Prince Wasajja, and his mother was Nakkazi belonging to the Mamba clan (not the renowned Nakkazi Kannyange)

Prince Mugogo, and his mother was mother was Kyotowadde belonging to the Mamba clan

Sad to say, Kabaka Ssuuna II who at first was a beloved among many, By the point when he died he had become one of most merciless kings to have ever ruled Buganda Kingdom.

Last year rule of Kabaka Sunna as King of Buganda

It is reported that Kabaka Ssuuna II died in the month of October 1856, after suffering from smallpox. His remains were laid to rest at the Wamala tombs. These are located up on a hilltops and it has breathtaking scenery surrounding it. The Wamala tomb is the sacred burial ground for Kabaka Ssuuna II, who as per the records at least 148 wives and about 218 children. The was the last Buganda King to be buried at his presidential palace, as well as the last one whose jaw bone was removed after his death. Kabaka Ssuuna II was the first Kabaka to accept foreign traders into this kingdom. The tombs are found just 30 minutes from Kampala city center along Kampala-Hoima road.

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