Kabwoya wildlife Reserve; The Kabwoya wildlife reserve is one of the Uganda’s great reserve which was established in 1980 and covers an area of about 87 square mile ,located in the western side of the Albertine Rift Valley between the breathtaking Blue Mountains of the Congo and Lake Albert .More so ,the area is characterized by the remote Savannah plains  along the edges of Lake Albert and the remarkable Blue mountain of Democratic Republic of Congo.  However, it was first gazetted in 1980 and later became a wildlife Reserve in 2002.

Historically, at first Kabwoya was set aside for conservation in year 1963 and some  part measuring 227 kilometers were Kaiso –Tonya Controlled Hunting Area ‘’KTCHA’’ which represented an important component in a migration route along the east shore of Lake Albert between Murchison Falls National Park   and the Toro-Semuliki Wildlife Reserve. Unfortunately, number of herds of buffalo, Defassa waterbuck, Ugandan kob and Jackson’s hartebeest were once associated with the Kaiso –Tonya Controlled Hunting Area but later on were all destroyed by 1982 and number of them were killed by poachers during the civil way thus resulting a competition with cattle herders.

However ,this wildlife reserve is a home to large number of mammal species such as Oribis, Ugandan Kob, warthogs, Jackson’s hartebeest, Defassa waterbuck, bushbuck and common duiker among others. Kabwoya is also a house of localized species including hippos, giant forest hog, chimpanzee, black and white colobus and vervet monkeys that inhabits in the riparian forest along the rivers ‘’Hohwa and Wambabya’’.

Furthermore, Kabwoya wildlife reserve is an impressive destination good for a safari because it offers a variety of tourist activities namely; Birding, Nature walk, Fossil hunting and Day and Night Game Viewing drives many more.

Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve
Wildlife Viewing

Day and night game drives

 This is one of the activity carried out in the area where tourists can be able to enjoy scenic landscape, species that make it one of the scenic wonders found in Uganda, which is composed of 87 square miles of protected land ready for you to explore. During your day game drive expect to explore bucket of wildlife species such as buffaloes, hippos, warthogs, Uganda kobs, duikers, impalas, sitatunga, mongoose, bushbucks among others.


 This is truly a birding hoven with over 460 species of birds including the Albertine rift endemics. And because the area hosts a huge population of bird species has become one of the top birding site in Uganda and some of the birds to see include hawk eagle, little grey parrot, little green sunbird, grey headed sunbirds, red chested owlet, western nicator, pied kingfishers, grey parrot ,African pitta ,black bee-eater ,western nicator , black headed weavers ,yellow billed woodpeckers ,bare faced go away bird ,northern carmine bee-eater  among many.

Guide nature walk and hiking

The Kabwoya wildlife reserve is a breathtaking site with much interest of its nature and nature walks are done along the Albertine Rift escarpments and as you walk you can be able to spot various animal species such as antelopes, warthogs and many more.

Mountain biking

Inside the reserve there are several interesting route that goes through savannah plains of the reserve. Mountain biking experience look to be a special activity and in here can be done around Mount Elgon National Park, Lake Mburo national park and this is one of the better way of keeping your body physically fit as you enjoy your ride through the park you will be able to sight see animals like waterbucks, buffaloes, antelopes and various bird species.

Quad biking

This activity is quite adventurous experience which gives a thrilling atmosphere on planet as you enjoy a great view of the attractions of the reserve. While on quad biking, you will be able to enjoy rewarding view of the lake, animals and beautiful bird species.

Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve

Fossil hunting

Apparently, in Uganda Kabwoya reserve is the only protected area where fossil hunting experience is practiced. It’s good for the family or as a group as you experience you will be able to collect the remaining old ages like pieces of pottery. arrowhead, spearhead many more.

Accommodation Facility in Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve

With no worry of where to stay on visit at Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve you can get a classic lodge with good amenities that boosts with what you want;

Lake Albert Safari Lodge is a luxurious lodge comprising of 11 excellent thatched cottages and a camping site that attracts tourists on visit to the reserve. Lake Albert safari lodge offers facilities such as restaurant, outdoor swimming pool, airport pickups, drop offs, spacious parking and free Wi-Fi bar. You can choose to book Kironko lodge.

Getting there;

Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve located in Northwest wards Uganda’s capital –Kampala, estimating 236 kilometers to access the reserve in drive it takes 3 to 4 hours while using Kampala –Hoima road.

From Masindi town takes 2 hours’ drive in a distance of 102 kilometers from Murchison Falls national park which is 4 hours’ drive to the reserve while covering 175 kilometers.

From Queen Elizabeth national park can take about 5 hours’ drive in a distance of 270 kilometers.

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