Kagulu Hill , The Rocky Challenge Adventure

Kagulu hill :The Busoga Tourism Initiative (BTI) together with the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) Launched the Kagulu Rock way back in 2013 to add on the adventure there is already in Busoga region.

This rock is situated in Buyende District about 30km from Kamuli town. It take about 4 hours form the capital Kampala.

This rock is about 3500 ft above sea level. So many have climbed this rock before despite the absence of proper facilities on ground. This is not the case apparently as the respective tourism bodies have tried to have proper facilitation for climbers.

Kagulu Rock

According to history,this rock marks the settlement of the basoga people in this area as they shifted from Bunyoro under the leadership by Prince Mukama.

Although the cultural value of Kagulu extends to cover a wide area, the remaining and visible landmark is the Kagulu hill. The hill sits in between two roads that divide at the foothill to lead to Gwaya and Iyingo areas.

The hill is also among the many hills in Uganda that have adapted to tourism and increase the opportunity for rock climbing.

One side of the hill has several steps all the way to the top for someone not keen on going the rough way but do not be fooled taking the many steps is equally strenuous. At the top of this hill you have a wide view of the area including Lake Kyoga.

If you are keen on an adventure, you can add an experience of Kagulu rock climbing on your Uganda safari. Achieve Global Safaris attended this occasion and we highly recommend this experience for anyone interested in adventure, scenery and photographic moments with the main activity being rock climbing.

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