Kalangala Island : Looking for a place to rest as you plan to set off back home from your amazing tours? Well Uganda safaris tours has got you cover with a resting and yet an adventurous home to rest before your trip.

As the birds sing praise onto the lord. As sleepiness gets onto your body, and enjoying the waters of the sea as it speaks to you of the vast and immeasurable depths of joy in your soul, and as the trees give a sweet melody with the aid of the winds of the sea. Join Uganda safari as we talk you through this lovely experience of rest.

Kalangala is your number one trust home of rest to your spirit, body and mind. Kalangala is located on the great bugala island with just maximum other islands in it, being the largest island on lake Victoria the source of the longest river, kalangala was named after its local chief and due to its lovely features this mother island was declared a district of its own.

Kalangala Island is one of the biggest and largest island of all the islands on Lake Victoria with a covering of 9103km and 468.3 being the only land and the rest of the area is water. Being not only a lovely and graceful area, kalangala is also an economic area with fertile lands and hence a lot of activities are carried out from it. Due to the fact the area is mostly covered by water this making fishing the greatest economic activity carried out their catching fish from its fresh waters. Do you enjoy fish kalangala is your home of relief! And this is accompanied by other activities such as Agriculture, Livestock faming and Tourism.

To reach kalangala island will take just about 6hr: 46m as told by a Uganda safari tour guide, one will use a bus and then a ferry to cross the lake the finally to the lovely adventurous island.


Vegetable oil palm gardens that supply to one Uganda’s greatest oil manufacturing company, with thousands of palm trees to see with leave your mind blown out of their beauty when still so little and even grown

Ngamba chimpanzee sanctuary, the lovers of chimps Uganda tours has u covered on the Kalangala Island. This Ngamba Chimpanzee  sanctuary is located on one of the islands so close to kalangla with just a move one can easily reach it. With over 56 chimpanzees in it surrounded by peaceful waters of Lake Victoria.

Kalangala Island
Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary


NATURE WALKS: while on Uganda safaris tours to the Kalangala Island, you have the opportunity to sight at varied bird species, primates, butterflies, mammals, unique tree and plant species that are of medicinal importance. Besides, you have the best views of the breathtaking sand beaches it is an experiential adventure of its own that takes you through the distinct habitats with diverse species which at the end rewards you with memorable experiences.

BOATING: Boating is the leisurely activity of travelling by boat, or the recreational use of a boat whether powerboats, sailboats, or man-powered vessels (such as rowing and paddle boats), focused on the travel itself, as well as sports activities, such as fishing or waterskiing. And this will bring us to the waited part of fun.

FiSHING: there’s no need to go far offshore to satisfy the urge to catch fish. Some people prefer to bait a hook and wait for a fish to bite. Others prefer to troll with bait in the water. Still others love the rhythm and exercise of repeatedly casting a fly-fishing rod. All of those techniques can be used pretty much everywhere, with what you catch depending on where your boat is located. And on an island tour to kalangala one is given the chance to do as their preferred choice is of fishing with a safari guide, please miss out not on the fun.

Kalangala Island
Fishing Tours

SNORKELING: The fish swimming around the coral also can be breathtaking, from tiny to larger fish. With a basic underwater camera to capture your favorite moments, the fun of a few hours spent snorkeling can bring smiles in keepsake photo albums for years to come. Few sights are as delightful as the ones just off the swim platform of a boat, where wearing a snorkeling mask and fins lets you enter a whole world of natural scenery that doesn’t exist anywhere else. With swim guides all the fun one can get!

There are so very many fun activities to do on the Kalangala Island and trust us you can never complete them all. Birding, quad biking, sun set viewing, beach fires, windsurfing, and lots more.

Well the ever changing, constant rhythmic and random silence, full of cold water soothes the soul, gentle lulling of the lake once again beckon, caressing waves upon the shores of the lake at kalangala will honestly take you to years of yore after the visit to the sweet paradises of its site. And with a Uganda tour rest kalanga is the best Uganda safari will get you a clear rest home on your stay to the sites of Kalangala Island.

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