Karamajong cultural marriage : Marriage in Karamoja involves the exchange of cattle as a bride price payment from the man to the family and clan of the woman. Another important aspect of the traditional gender roles and expectations of both Karamajong men and women , Uganda cultural Tours. It is one of the most important rite that of passage in a Karamajong male’s life because it symbolizes a transition from boyhood to adulthood. Bridewealth is traditionally paid in the form of livestock.

This is done as a way to solidify the relationship of the two families of the new couple.  It is also a way of acquiring social status, since the more cows one gives at a marriage ceremony, the more prestige and fame they acquire and for a man to be accepted to marry he must be reorganized as adult from his clan and must present his ability to participate in decision making within the Manyatta and kraal.

However, a woman who is married with cattle becomes an official member of the man’s clan. She is given the rights and protections of the man’s clan are extended for a woman and her children following official marriage. In the sad event her husband’s death, the woman will have rights to her husband’s property including his cattle, land and only if their marriage was official with cattle. On the other hand, the man’s clan is obligated to care for the woman upon her husband’s often in the form of remarriage within the clan. And any children produced by those couples are also members of the clan.

Female virginity is not necessary for marriage and. Males may also decide and be sexually involved with a number of females at a time, and this continues after marriage in the form of polygamy. On the other hand, Women are expected to be faithful after marriage.

Karamajong cultural marriage
Karamajong cultural marriage

A young woman is expected to be monogamous after the first portion of bride price in cattle has been paid to the woman’s clan. At this note the admirer is accepted by the young woman’s family to choose serious person. Any children born from this relationship remain part of the woman’s clan until the complete bride price is paid, and the man must add an additional payment for each child he has produced.

However according to the tradition,  the man has no official claim upon the woman or her children until bride price is paid in full, and a man’s role as admirer can be forfeited if it does not appear that he will be able to come up with the full amount.  And if another man offers the bride price for the woman and her children, and the woman and her family may decide that this is the better offer depending on their wish and the status of man.

Traditionally, after a lady getting married to a man, she is not fully known by the relatives of the boy. For her to officially reorganized and respected as a real woman , she has to organize an official visit known as ( Nyakiwok Nga’gwe) meaning taking the local brew known as “Ebutia”, Beer and drinks to the family of a man . That’s the day she gets to interact with all the man’s relatives and she’s officially recognized as a Wife

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