Kazinga channel safari : There are several exciting safaris in Uganda that make the country so excellent for a tour and a venture, Uganda is a land locked country which makes the means of exportations and importations so hard to endure but this does not mean that the country does not have fascinating abilities for safari experiences and other activities.

Uganda provides its guests with the most thrilling sceneries due to the lovely attractions that are found in the country, Uganda has got so very many lovely areas to sight starting to most unknown areas to the most famous areas in the country.

Mountains , Lakes , Rivers and the most elegant forests are found in the country and all these give you the most lovely and best significant flora and fauna to experience at any kind of venture.

And this article gets to you one of the most loved and highly visited areas in Uganda and this is the kazinga channel, Kazinga Channel is a wide, long freshwater channel that acquaintances Lake Edward to its smaller neighbor, Lake George.

The Kazinga channel is a super attractive location in Uganda with a wide range of wildlife and birds involving one of the world’s largest absorptions of hippos of about 2,000 and uncountable Nile crocodiles.

And at times you can get to sight some of the most electrifying wildlife’s to observe elephants, buffaloes, and over 100 species of water bird, not for getting the famous African Skimmer, Black bee-eaters, Black Crake, Crested Crane, Darters, Great and Long Tailed Cormorants, Great White and Pink-Backed Pelicans, Jacana, Marabou Stork, Open-Billed Stork, Pink-backed pelicans, Saddle Bill Stork and Yellow Billed Stork.

Impressively found in Queen Elizabeth National Park Kazinga Channel is one of the three largest in the world and this means that Kazinga Channel attracts almost every kind of wildlife you would think about during a Uganda safari.

kazinga channel has got so very many safari activities that can take place in the area and all these make it even more exciting for all those that set feet at the scenery.

Kazinga channel safari
Boat safari on kazinga channel

As know each time one is to travel you have to be aware of the seasons and the times to be able to have the best experiences in the area and the best time to visit the Kazinga Channel is during the dry season for facts that during this time the channel becomes an oasis that gathers even more wildlife all relying on the water that flows in the channel and this gives one the best opportunity to sight the wildlife.

When it gets to accommodation facilities in the kazinga channel there are multiple facilitation’s for you to have the best kind of rest from and these are found along Queen Elizabeth national park can include: Enganzi Game Lodge, Mweya Safari Lodge, Pumba Safari Camp, Kingfisher Lodge Kichwamba, Ishasha Safari Camp, Kazinga Channel View Resort, Mweya Hostels & Cottages, and Jacana Safari Lodge.

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