Kidepo National Park Accommodation : Kidepo National park is located in the Northern region of Uganda, which covers a total surface area of about 1442 square kilometers standing at an elevated area of about 900 to 1200 meters above the sea level. In addition, this national park was gazette as a game reserve in 1772 when it had its chief warden who was named as Ian Ross and later it was established as a national park after the Uganda acquired its independence in 1962. Kidepo valley national park is known to have derived its name from AKIDEP which means, “To pick up” in English. More so, this national park is richly blessed with beautiful nature in the surrounding, and there a numerous species of flora and fauna.

More so, there are so many tourist attractions in Kidepo national park which attract the attention of many individuals to travel from many parts of the world  and some of these include; bird species due to the fact that this national park is known to be a home to over 480 bird species that tourists can able to sight see while they tour around the park such as; little bee-eater, dark chanting goshawk, black-breasted barbet, Karamojong apalis, red and yellow barbet, kori bustard, dark chanting goshawk, and it is only destination where tourists can be able to see large numbers of ostriches among others. more so, individuals can be able to see mammal species due to the fact that this back is known to be a home over 77 mammal species like; buffalos, lions, oribi, leopards, zebras, bush pigs, Rothschild giraffes, forest elephants, spotted hyenas, black-backed , side backed jackal   and primate species like; white and black colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys among others. in kidepo valley national park, they are many beautiful physical features which attract people such as; the Narus valley which means Mud in Karamojong language which is known to have the Narus river as its main source of water, Mount Morungole which stands an elevated area of about 2,750 meters meters above the sea level and hiking to this mountain gives you chances to interact with the Ik people who are known to be the smallest ethnic group in Uganda, Lomej hills which is famously known as a good spot to see birds, Apoka tourism centre, Kanangorok hot springs which is are situated about 11 square kilometers away from the Kidepo river, Kidepo valley and many others.

More so, while touring around this national park gives you chances to engage in several activities like; game drives, Karamojong community tour, guided nature walks, bird watching, hiking, wildlife game viewing, climbing mount morungole and many others.

Kidepo National Park Accommodation
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Where to stay in kidepo valley national park.

Tourists who visit within this national park can also opt to have their stay within the park due to the fact that there are so many accommodation facilities that are always available however, they are ranged differently for example; from mid-range, budget and luxury. Therefore, these safari lodges include; Apoka safari lodge, kidepo savannah lodge, zebra safari lodge, katurun lodge, adere safari lodge among others.

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