Kigali genocide Memorial Rwanda

Kigali genocide Memorial Rwanda: The dignified memorial was constructed in Gisozi area of Kigali and was officially opened in April 2004. You can see it from across the valley, a large white modern building with terraces; it’s on the right as you slope to Boulevard de Nyabugogo.  Driving there is so easy as it is in sight from much of the way.

A rose garden is planted on the outside of the center in memory of the dead. Among what is exhibited here is the memorial of all the children that lost their lives. There is a wall that displays the names of thousands of people that lost their lives during the genocide.

While on your Rwanda safaris tour, the guide will take you around this memorial telling you the stories and showing you skulls and bones of the victims as well as the graves. The idea behind this display of bones is to refute rumors that there was no genocide in Rwanda.


The Memorial ground is a burial site for over 250,000 people killed in a space of just 3 months in 1994. Until now the victims are still being located from in and around the country. Most of them are later relocated and buried at this memorial.

The genocide memorial was founded by the then mayor of Kigali and was financed by the revenues of the Kigali City Council. Ironically this implies that the citizen of Rwanda pay through taxes to give dignity to their relatives that died during the 1994 genocide.

This genocide was ignored by the international community and was seen as an internal conflict and so it went on and on. It was too late to mediate as thousands of people had already been killed in a space of just three months.

Visiting this memorial is not just for you about witnessing the tragedy that befell the people of Rwanda but it contributes directly to the social economic rebuilding of this community. There is a need to sensitize people about hatred and divisions especially in the young adults and also to psychologically renew those that witnessed this tragedy. Most people even up to now have not found their momentum again. Lots of property was destroyed and business came to a standstill.

Come witness and listen to the story yourself!

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