Kikorongo Safari Lodge

Kikorongo Safari Lodge is a newly established lodge found 20km south of Kasese on Mpondwe road, just at the edge of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Kikorongo Safari Lodge sits on 15 hectares of land with amazing views of Lake George and Lake Edward and the vast savannah plains of the astonishingly beautiful Queen Elizabeth National Park. Queen Elizabeth National Park is a great wildlife park that rewards travellers with memorable game drives viewing various wildlife species including African elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, the famous tree climbing lions among so many others. Kikorongo Safari Lodge is a perfect place to stay at giving travellers a true wilderness feeling.

Kikorongo Safari Lodge

Kikorongo Safari Lodge is an all-around lodge that houses 3 different types of accommodation options that includes luxury tents at the high escarpment points of the lodge, mid-range and budget cottages as well as a camp area, thus catering for all sorts of travellers from luxury, midrange to budget travellers. 

Rooms and Service

Kikorongo Lodge is an eco-lodge designed with local materials, Mountain Rwenzori rock, river stone, handmade ceramic tiles and oven-red clay bricks. Kikorongo Lodge has various tents and cottages, as described below;

Tented Luxury Cottages

The tented luxury cottages of Kikorongo Safari Lodge are set on a landscape of steep slopes of Kasese hills with outrageously magnificent views of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Each of the tented luxury cottages of Kikorongo Safari Lodge is a private unit complete with a large extended balcony and an en-suite bathroom. These tented luxury cottages of Kikorongo Safari Lodge are nestled amongst a wild bush, spaced each with its own private compound and with great views of Queen Elizabeth National Park wildlife.

Edge Luxury Intimate Cottages

Edge luxury intimate cottages of Kikorongo Lodge are set at the edge of the lodge giving them an intimate feel, fit for bird lovers for many are seen roaming around. These particular cottages are self-contained and offer full and beautiful views of both Lake Kikorongo and Lake George. These cottages are strategically located adjacent the main reception and are ideal for travellers not after hiking to the tented luxury cottages.

Rift Valley Tent Camp Area

The Rift valley tent camp area of Kikorongo Safari Lodge is set at the bottom of the lodge in between two escarpments with great views of the lodge. The Rift valley tent camp duplicates the way the Bakonzo live, making it worth to stay in.

 Amenities of Kikorongo Safari Lodge

There are a number of amenities of Kikorongo Lodge that make one’s stay all the more fun and memorable, despite being in the wild. They include flashing toilets, Flat-screen TVs, hair driers, air conditioning, hot&cold showers, a well-stocked bar, restaurants, ample parking area, spa, gym, sauna, WIFI and a standby generator. 

There are various activities that travellers staying in Kikorongo Lodge can do. Kikorongo Lodge avails an opportunity to travellers to explore Queen Elizabeth National Park given its proximity in various activities like game viewing to see a number of wildlife species that grace the savannah plains of the park like buffaloes, antelopes, elephants, impalas, lions, tree climbing lions in the Ishasha sector among so many more; boat safaris on Kazinga Channel home large schools of hippos, bird watching, chimpanzee trekking in Kyambura Gorge, community visits, nature walks, among so many others. 

How to get to Kikorongo Safari Lodge

The Lodge can be accessed by both road and air. By road, it is about 5-6 hours’ drive from Kampala through very fascinating communities giving travellers to see the true countryside of Uganda away from the city. By air, Kikorongo Lodge can be accessed via Kasese Airstrip from Entebbe International Airport or Kajansi Airfield using Aerolink which operates a number of flights to Kasese a couple of times a week. Booking in advance should be done.

Kikorongo Safari Lodge
Kikorongo Lodge

Planning to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park and wondering where to stay? Well check out Kikorongo Lodge, an eco-lodge suitably located at the edge of the park giving you wonderful views to behold. Get in touch with your tour operator of choice and plan a wonderful Queen Elizabeth National Park safari and have Kikorongo Lodge booked as your preferred lodge of stay while in the park.

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